Gaz 3110

GAZ 3110. White Pearl. part 1

The GAZ 3110 is a middle class passenger car in a 4-door sedan, which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant) in 1996. This model, in fact, was a modernized version of its predecessor called GAZ 31029.

External distinctive features were the new wings, the shape of the roof, hood, aprons, grille. Only the doors remained. At first, GAZ 3110 cars were equipped with narrow black bumpers, and since 2000 they have been replaced by new modern bumpers, which have become painted in body color. They gave the car a more impressive look due to the additional volume. A distinctive feature was the trunk lid, which was opened from the bumper itself in order to facilitate loading of things into the luggage compartment. In 2001, cars began to be painted and primed under the new system, which made it possible to increase the service life of the body. There was also a special version of the GAZ 3110 for taxi services, which had a special coloring, preparation for a taximeter and trim of easily washable materials.

For the GAZ 3110, five engine options were offered: a 2.5-liter gasoline ZMZ-402.10 with a capacity of 100 hp; ZMZ-4021.10 2.5-liter capacity of 90 hp; ZMZ-4062.10 volume of 2.3 liters and a capacity of 150 hp; and also turbodiesel power units GAZ-560 (GAZ 3110-600) and GAZ-5601 (GAZ 3110-601). Themselves turbodiesel produced under license from the company «Steyr». At 3110 installed 5-speed manual gearbox. The brake system included front disc and rear drum brakes.

The front suspension of the GAZ 3110 was independent on the wishbone with coil springs and included telescopic shock absorbers. The rear suspension was dependent, spring with shock absorbers.

In 2003, the sedan GAZ 3110 has undergone, as some external changes, and updates in terms of technical equipment. The car received a new grille, headlights, but they were as before a rectangular shape. The taillights received built-in round reflectors, locks received a central locking, and the door handles became elevating. As for the technical part, the car received the front without a swing-in suspension.

In 2004, the model GAZ 31105 came out, which later replaced the GAZ 3110, whose production was finally completed in the first quarter of 2005, completely giving way to the 31105.

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