Gaz 31029

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The GAZ 31029 Volga model is a middle-class passenger car in a 4-door sedan, which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company GAZ (Gorky Automobile Plant) in 1992. This model was released as an updated version of a previously manufactured car called GAZ 24-10. The same series includes models in the 5-door station wagon GAZ 31023 and GAZ 31024, which changed GAZ 24-12 and GAZ 24-13, respectively.

Externally, the GAZ 31029 car looked like a model 3102, but had a number of differences, which include the following elements: new fenders, front lining, hood, bumpers, exterior lighting (rectangular headlights with halogen lamps of the AKT 12-60 + 55 H4 type) with manual adjustment depending on the vehicle load, new direction indicator lights. As an option, the manufacturer offered to equip fog lights.

Under the hood of the GAZ 31029, there was a four-cylinder 16-valve gasoline engine with distributed fuel injection ZMZ-4062.10 (for the first time for the Volga) with a volume of 2.3 liters and a power of 150 hp. A simpler 2.5-mm ZMZ-402.10 engine was also proposed. liter, whose power was 100 hp. As an option, it was proposed to equip the exhaust gas with a catalytic converter.

The brake system model 31029 included front disc brakes "Lucas" and rear drum. As for the transmission, there was installed a 5-speed gearbox. Also, the car was equipped with power steering. The rear suspension included an integral beam of the bridge, and the front one was based on double wishbones.

New Volga 1996 for a million rubles GAZ-31029 Time Capsule

Car GAZ 31029 was popular among various government agencies. But It is worth noting that the outdated design of the model 31029 affected the decline in demand. Also, people began to treat with distrust the domestic brand "Volga" because of the sharp decline in quality compared with cars of the Soviet period. The quality of body punching, priming and painting suffered especially. Build quality also left much to be desired.

However, despite the disadvantages as a car GAZ 31029 its production volume per year reached the highest rate (over 115 thousand cars per year) in the entire history of GAZ.

In 1997, the production of the GAZ 31029 was completed, and it was replaced by a new model GAZ 3110.

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