Gaz 3102

Gas 3102 dream or firewood?

The GAZ 3102 Volga model is a passenger car in a 4-door sedan, which was first introduced by the Russian automobile company GAZ in 1981 at the level of pilot production lots, and in 1982 it was already launched into mass production. This model replaced the previously produced car - GAZ 24. GAZ-3102 was manufactured in limited quantities on a separate production line in parallel with the larger car of the GAZ-14 “Chaika” class. Initially, the model 3102 was intended solely for the management of government agencies and departments, and therefore, it was not available for sale to the public and in taxi parks.

The first versions of the GAZ 3102 were equipped with a ZMZ-4022.10 pre-chamber and flare engine (the fuel was set on fire not directly by a candle, but by a torch of hot gases escaping into the combustion chamber from a special pre-chamber) with a three-chamber carburetor (K-156) with a volume of 2.5 liters. The power of this motor was 105 hp By the 1990s, the pre-chamber power unit ZMZ-4022.10 replaced the ZMZ-402 of traditional design. It is worth noting that the model 3102 is the first car from the Volga to which the pre-chamber engine was installed. But not only the engine was a novelty in technical equipment. The GAZ 3102 was the first of its family to be equipped with four-piston disc front brakes. As for the transmission, the car was originally equipped with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

In 1997, the GAZ 3102 model underwent some changes that affected both the technical part of the car and its interior. The sedan received a new 5-speed manual gearbox, as well as a drive shaft with intermediate support, a continuous rear axle, power steering, front ventilated Lucas disc brakes and 15-inch wheels. Inside the car, the dashboard was upgraded, and the seats were borrowed from the GAZ 3110 model. But the most basic thing is that the GAZ 3102 was equipped with a 2.3-liter four-valve engine with a volume of 2.3 liters as standard. Its power was 130 hp at 5200 rpm. Also, the car could be equipped with the same ZMZ-402.10 2.5-liter engine. There was also a special version 3102-500, which was equipped with a power unit ZMZ-4064.10 with a capacity of 200 hp.

2005 GAZ 3102 Volga 2.3L (130) Test Drive.

In 2003, GAZ 3102 cars were equipped with a double-leaf front suspension and an anti-roll bar in the rear suspension. Of the external changes can be noted new, more convenient door handles.

In 2005, the interior of the GAZ 3102 was changed. The car received a new salon, which was borrowed from the model GAZ 31105.

To date, the GAZ 3102 Volga model continues to be produced. According to the plans of the company, it will be discontinued as soon as the Euro 3 standard is adopted in Russia, since the re-equipment of the car will not be profitable.

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