Ford shelby cobra

Carol Shelby registered the Cobra name as a trademark.

Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra Spit Nitrous

Since the end of 1964, the Shelby company has produced the Shelby Cobra GT350, a two-seater version of the Mustang serial flashback with a 5.7-liter engine, modified suspension and steering, wide wheels, a Warner manual gearbox and a limited slip differential. Engine power was 350 liters. with. Later came the Shelby Cobra GT350 with a serial engine from the Ford Thunderbird and GT500 with a 7-liter engine.

In 2004, Ford decided to recreate the legendary 1964th Shelby Cobra roadster on a new technical level. The company claims that its concept car Ford Shelby Cobra XXI, presented at the auto show in Detroit, is fully ready for mass production.

Designers created the car in a "minimalist manner." The appearance of the novelty, despite the modern proportions and features, immediately gives out its “family” roots. The original appearance of the 60s Shelby is guessed in the characteristic shape of the grille, in the form of headlights, side air intakes, powerful wheel arches, massive “blown” wings, giving the car a formidable look. And, of course, what Shelby Cobra without a double light strip running through the whole body?

Weight about 1400 kg.


Under the hood of the car hides an atmospheric 6.4-liter V10 engine, whose power reaches 605 liters. with. The roadster accelerates to “hundreds” in less than 4 seconds, and its maximum speed is 285 km / h. Experts note that the power of this engine is easily increased to 700 - 800 liters. with. due to the installation of a mechanical supercharger.

By placing a 6-speed manual gearbox at the rear axle and thus making the weight distribution close to ideal (51/49), the designers managed to achieve good controllability.

Salon Shelby Cobra characterizes the modesty and simplicity of the lines. The laconic front panel is trimmed with aluminum and is made in the style of classic sports cars.

Describing this car, Carol Shelby said: "No glass, roof or stereo: only a lightweight body and the most powerful engine - that's my formula."

However, in the case of the mass production of this roadster, it is likely to acquire simple side windows and an easy removable canvas roof.

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