Ford ranger

Pickup Ranger debuted in 1982.

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He replaced the Courier model, to eventually become the most popular car in America. Since the start of production, the car has undergone many changes. Throughout its long history, it has been improved, turning from a utilitarian non-attractive pickup into a stylish and fashionable car for all occasions.

Ford Ranger 1983 year

Ranger first years of release had an independent spring-type front suspension Twin-I-Beam and only with rear-wheel drive. The size of the wheels - 14 inches. The car was offered with three cab options: a double, a lorry and a full-fledged double cabin. The Ranger's cargo bay could hold about 700 kg, which at that time was a lot for the LightTruck. Shortly after the start of sales, the all-wheel drive version appeared, equipped with Twin Tracktion independent independent suspension and 15-inch wheels.

Ranger were produced with two wheelbase sizes: 2740 and 2895 mm. Offered in four trim levels: Base, XL, XLS, XLT. In the most expensive set of XLT - it was already a handsome gleaming chrome with rich equipment, and not just an au pair. In 1985, a version of the STX appeared, including comfortable bucket seats and larger wheels. For a double cabin in the STX version. In 1987, the STX High Rider version was released with increased ground clearance and special tires with a developed off-road tread. In the next, in 1988, the GT version comes out with an additional body kit, but after the release of 2000 GT units are discontinued due to low demand.

At first, only the four-cylinder 2.3 liter carburetor engine of the Ford Pinto OHC was installed with an output of 88 hp. at 4000 rpm min (torque 160 Nm at 2000 rpm. min.). The standard transmission is a 4-speed manual made by Toyo Kogyo, as an option it was possible to order a three-speed automatic transmission Ford C-3.

Ford Ranger 1990 year

In 1983, a more powerful engine appeared: the 2.8 liter Cologne V6 OHV with 115 hp. at 4600 about. min (torque 230 Nm at 2600 rpm. min.). As an option on the 4x4 version, a Toyo Kogyo manual 5-speed gearbox is installed.

In 1985, the Mitsubishi FM145 5-speed manual transmission became standard on 4x4 versions, as an option you could order a four-speed Ford A4LD automatic transmission. The 2.3 liter engine became injection and increased power to 90 hp.

Since 1986, an injector 2.9-liter Cologne V6 OHV engine with 140 hp is installed. at 4600 about. min (torque 255 Nm at 2600 rpm. min.). Since 1987, a pair of Mitsubishi FM146 manual gearboxes has been offered for this engine.

In 1989, the second generation Ranger was introduced. The appearance and interior has changed (new dashboard and seats). The rear wheels got ABS. The 2.3 liter OHC engine was modified to increase power to 105 hp. (183 Nm). A new power unit Vulcan V6 OHV EFI 3.0 also appeared. 140 l.c. (230 Nm). It was installed optionally on rear-wheel drive Ranger. A year later, the gamma engine was replenished with another - 4.0 liter Cologne V6 OHV with 160 hp (305 Nm). It was installed on the Ranger 4x4.

The third generation Ford Ranger came out in 1992 (1993 model year) and was very different from previous ones both externally and mechanically. Fully updated front of the pickup: new fenders, grille, turn signal migrated from the wing in blockharu. Changed and salon. Entirely updated line of power units. Power 2.3 liters. and 3.0 l. engines increased to 112 hp and 145 hp, respectively.

Ford Ranger 1992 year

Along with access to foreign markets in 1996, the pickup truck was put on a new platform, this increased the wheelbase. The airbag for the driver became standard equipment, and ABS was installed as an option on all wheels (on the Ranger with 4.0 V6, ABS was standard). At the same time, Ford refuses the XL Sport version; it was replaced by the Ranger version called Splash.

Since 1997, a new Ford 5R55E automatic 5-speed gearbox has been installed (with a 4.0-liter V6 engine). The 3.0-l Vulcan V6 engine began to be installed as standard.

Since 1998, Ranger has been divided into two separate lines, one for the domestic market with production in the USA, and the other for Europe and Asia, which is assembled in Thailand.

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In the same year, the Ranger appears double Mazda BT-50.

As a result of the modernization, the fourth generation received an increased wheelbase from 2,740 mm to 2,832 mm, which improved comfort. The front suspension has changed - became torsion bar on the wishbone with the gearbox Dana-25. The volume of the 2.3-liter four-cylinder OHC engine increased to 2.5 liters, bringing the power to 119 hp. (202 Nm). The power of the 3.0-liter V6 engine increased to 155 hp. (251 Nm).

Since 2000, 15-inch wheels instead of 14-inch wheels have been installed as standard. There were wheels 235 / 70R16 on alloy wheels.

Ford Ranger 1998 year

In 2004, the new Ford Ranger pickup was introduced. On the Russian market the car will come in two trim levels XLT and XL.

The last of them is basic and is completed with: remote key lock, immobilizer, airbags for the driver and front passenger, electric front and rear windows. With the XLT, the buyer gets a car equipped with air conditioning, ABS, alloy wheels, an audio system, metal door sills and front doors, leather-trimmed steering wheel and heated driver's seat.

For extra money, you can order leather upholstery and a very necessary thing for a pickup - a hard top for the cargo hold.

Ranger is a reliable helper in everyday worries. This American SUV: functional, powerful, massive, with the provided open body compartment. A highly fitted body, a large hood, crowned with a chrome grille and bumper, polished steel sills - all this looks convincing.

In the role of the main driving force is a 2.5 liter diesel engine with 109 hp. In the US, the Ranger is available with three engine options: a four-cylinder volume of 2.3 liters and two V-shaped "six", 3 and 4 liters. Engine power - 143, 154 and 207 hp respectively. All motors are available with 5-speed automatic or manual transmissions.

Ford Ranger 2004 year

Equipped with Ranger all-wheel drive. Independent front suspension with torsions as elastic elements and hydraulic shock absorbers. Behind, instead of torsions, an old kind dependent design with leaf springs is applied.

The salon is laconic, no frills, everything is simple and practical, roomy, offers enough space for a comfortable passenger location. We have a Ranger for sale with a 4-door double cab with a capacity of 5 people. The seats are comfortable, upholstered velor. The dashboard with blue dials is not overloaded with information and is perfectly readable. The wheel provides the ability to adjust its position in height, a convenient gearshift lever.

The creators claim that the Ford Ranger is capable of lifting 1135 kg. Making a conclusion from all of the above, we conclude that the main advantage of this car is its capacity and economy.

At the thirty-year anniversary of the Ford Ranger, two truly iconic events occurred for a pickup truck - in the United States it was finally taken out of production as a car that lost demand, and the sixth generation of the Ford Ranger entered the European markets. Fully updated Ranger received a stylish appearance, excellent off-road capabilities and a set of options business class car. The car has grown significantly in size. Now, two cab options are available - one-and-a-half and double, in the loft, the doors are double, that is, there is no central pillar, which makes life easier for rear passengers. In the top trim levels Limited and Wildtrack pickup sparkles polished 18 inch wheels, chrome or even composite safety bows and steps, a unique range of colors.

Ford Ranger 2012 year

Leather, vinyl and expensive plastic surfaces reign in the cabin. Already in the basic configuration, the seat adjustment is electric, in the Wildtrak configuration, perforated leather with stitching and embroidered logo on the headrest. The combination of devices with fluorescent lighting, information is easy to read. On the center console there is a 7-inch monochrome information display, or a color screen, or a navigation system, depending on the wishes of the driver. The rear view camera is attached to the navigation. The latest generation of dual-zone climate with intuitive controls and cruise control will add comfort on the road.

Ranger 2012 pleases with a wealth of engine choices and gearbox options. At the choice of the buyer three motors. Two diesel Duratorq TDCI, absolutely new structurally, and one gasoline engine Duratec 2.5, transferred from the model Mondeo. Diesel 2.2 liter capacity of 150 hp and the torque of 375 Nm at 1500 rpm is set on the XL and XLT versions, as well as the 2.5 petrol power of 166 hp and the torque of 226 Nm. Versions of Ford Ranger Limited and Wildtrack are available with a 3.2 liter turbo diesel engine and a torque of 470 Nm at 2,750 rpm.

Both engines used turbo compressors with controlled nozzle apparatus, which provides such serious power. All Ford Ranger pickups are equipped with an ECOnetic system that reduces harmful CO2 emissions while maintaining engine performance. There is also a very convenient “Start-Stop” system: the engine itself is muffled when it stops at a traffic light and starts when the driver releases the brake pedal, although it is not supplied to Russia. A standard six-speed mechanic is installed to any engine, or a six-speed automatic of the latest generation can be made to order. Load capacity - 1200 kg. Ford Ranger is able to tow a trailer weighing up to 3350 kg. The ford depth is 800 mm.

The drive system is a permanent rear-wheel drive with a plug-in front and lowering next, all modes are activated by a simple selector in the form of a washer on the central tunnel next to the gearshift knob. All modes can be turned on by simply turning the elegant switch right on the move.

Very serious work was done on the safety of the car. Aware of this are the 5 stars in the EuroNCAP safety test. For everything that happens in the cabin, the IPS intellectual protection system is responsible, which includes the following elements: 7 airbags including side curtains and a driver's knee cushion, seat belt pretensioners, a telescopic design of the steering column and pedals for optimized protection of the legs and feet of the driver . The work of all electronic systems is controlled by the disconnected ESP with EBL (light signaling during emergency braking) of the last generation, in order to support directional stability and controllability it is also provided for.

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