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The Ford Mondeo, which replaced the Ford Sierra II, was introduced to the public in 1993.

Ford Mondeo Turnier: Zur Bestform gereift? - Die Tester | auto motor und sport

His appearance was preceded by years of research and an unprecedented advertising campaign, which began six months before the debut of the model itself. In total, $ 6 billion was spent on the development and implementation of the Mondeo project by Ford Corporation.

The beautiful name dates back to the French word "Le Monde", which means "peace". The car was conceived as a model intended for the masses. The first generation is represented by three body styles: 5-door hatchback, 4-door sedan and 5-door station wagon. There were 4 standard configurations - CLX, GLX, Si and Ghia. As options were offered cruise control, air conditioning, side airbags, on-board computer, sunroof and much more. In August 1993, the standard equipment Mondeo began to enter the ABS system.

In 1994, the powerful 6-cylinder engine of 2.5 liters / 170 hp will debut. Mondeo gets the title "Car 1994".

In 1995, the all-wheel drive version comes with a 2.0 l / 131 hp petrol engine.

In 1996, the model was modernized: a new front and rear optics, bumpers, fenders, hood, grille and trunk appeared, with the result that the Mondeo exterior became bright and memorable. New black oval grille acquired chrome framing.

Salon Mondeo comfortable and practical. New front seats will provide additional 40mm rear passengers.

The driver's seat is comfortable, has a wide range of adjustments, the steering column also provides the ability to adjust.

The luggage compartment has a total capacity of 470 liters and is very accessible.

Improved front panel: new ventilation control, gear lever, large built-in radio. You can order a semi-automatic air conditioning that allows the driver to choose the temperature in the cabin by switching the button on the digital display. The temperature will be maintained in the cabin automatically using this system.

By 1997, the security system was improved. Now the car was equipped with a side airbag and the volume of airbags for the driver (57 l) and passenger (95 l) was increased. All versions of this model are equipped with crash-proof door beams and a special springy foam under the door trim. The rear seats are equipped with three-point seat belts and head restraints.

An electronic brake force distribution system was installed at Mondeo. This system distributes the braking force to each axle to the maximum and automatically compensates for the change in load. It is designed to ensure the stability of the stop and a short stopping distance. It works faster than ABS.

Power units are presented:

- improved 4-cylinder 16-valve Zetec engines 1.6 liters (90 hp), 1.8 liters (116 hp) and 2.0 liters (131 hp)

- a powerful 6-cylinder 24-valve Duratec power unit - 2.5 liters (170 hp) and its turbo version, installed on the "charged" version of the ST 2000 - 2.5 liters (205 hp).

- 1.8 liter turbo diesel (90hp)

All Mondeo engines comply with EU 96 standards for a 30% reduction in CO and 56% HC and NOx compared with the previous level. This is achieved by a new three-metal catalytic converter.

A distinctive feature of all engines is that the fuel pump is equipped with an emergency system that turns off the supply of gasoline during a sharp blow.

Most of the Mondeo are front-wheel-drive cars, although sometimes all-wheel drive 4x4 versions are also found.

At Mondeo, quite often there are not only 5-speed manual gearboxes, but also 4-speed automatic gears.

Since 1996, a new Quadralink passive thruster has been installed on the car, which significantly improves the stability and controllability of the car.

We also note that Ford provides a six-year warranty against penetrating corrosion on its car.

In October 2000, Ford releases a brand new model, the Mondeo. The car is a second generation made by the latest technology. A software product called SZR allowed the creators to do without prototyping: until the time of production, the car existed only in the virtual space.

Front-wheel drive Mondeo II is available with sedan, hatchback and station wagon. The body design is made in the brand style "new edge", which is based on a mixture of sharp corners and streamlined lines, ovals and triangular shapes. At a high level, the ergonomics of the internal space.

The body of the Mondeo II for resistance to torsional deformation is 60% stronger than its predecessor body. At the same time, its front part is 43% made of high-strength steels, and, thanks to the 24-stage metal processing during painting and body assembly, the new Mondeo is given a 12-year warranty against rust corrosion.

Mondeo II is available in Core, Trend and Ghia variants.

The interior layout of the cabin, which is truly spacious not only in front but also in the rear, is the most advanced in this class of cars. Trunk volume is 500 liters. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, safety power windows, and more.

Thanks to the perfect independent suspension and the standard 16-inch rims, the new Mondeo holds the road superbly. To increase comfort, the gauge was extended - by 19 mm at the front and 50 mm at the rear, the wheelbase was increased by 150 mm, the working travel of the wheels was increased by 181 mm at the front and 225 mm at the rear.

Mondeo equipped with the most advanced audio systems and allow the installation of satellite navigation systems. Provides for the installation of multimedia systems with two independent screens on the back of the front head restraints.

The Mondeo II is equipped with gasoline engines of the Duratec HE family of 1.8 and 2.0 liters (from 110 to 145 hp), as well as a 2.0 liter diesel engine (from 90 to 130 hp). In addition, it can be installed 6-cylinder gasoline engine of 2.5 liters (170 hp). A 6-cylinder 24-valve engine of 3.0 liters (223 hp) is installed on the “charged” version of the Mondeo II ST220, with which the car accelerates to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds and its maximum speed is 243 km / h

Mondeo offers best-in-class safety solutions for the driver and passengers, as well as a perfect anti-theft system. The Advanced Intelligent Protection System is an adaptive airbag for the driver and passengers, plus a modern system for determining the frontal collision force and the position of the driver and front passenger at the moment of the collision. In addition, the system includes side curtain airbags in the front and rear seats and side airbags for the driver and front passenger. But that's not all.

Ford Mondeo Turnier vs. VW Passat Variant

Safety is promoted by a particularly rigid body frame and steel beams, which reduce the deformation of the doors inside the cabin at the moment of impact.

Plus, the car is equipped with perfect three-point seat belts for the driver and all passengers, active head restraints and pedals that fold down during an accident. Avoid unforeseen situations on the road helps active safety complex - standard ABS with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), plus the ability to install an auxiliary emergency braking system (EBA) and electronic stability control (ESP).

The safety of Mondeo is provided by: external alarm systems, an improved Ford PATS immobilizer and a lockable hood lid.

In the spring of 2003, Ford Mondeo was upgraded (facelift and modified interior design), and in the spring of 2005 restyled versions of the 2006 model year were presented on the European market. But in general, the appearance of the car remained the same - without flaws, very harmonious and recognizable. The exterior has the original alloy wheels, new grille and bumper, as well as fog lights with a modified configuration. Plus new taillights and elegant chrome accents in the finish.

As one of the options for the power plant began to offer a 2.5-liter 24-valve Duratec V6 engine, which was further upgraded, which improved the already excellent performance. This engine is aggregated with a "sports" six-speed manual gearbox with a close together number of gear ratios, which not only enhances the sense of dynamism of the car, but also contributes to fuel economy.

The model range was supplemented with a new series of Titanium interior finishes and a more advanced Titanium X. The “Titanium” equipment is primarily an alternative to the luxurious Ghia and Ghia Executive. Where there were aristocratic manners and wood trim, high-tech chrome inserts, center console trim and Titanium door trims now flaunted. As a result, the internal architecture of Mondeo of the 2006 model year turned out to be extremely attractive, high-quality and well-developed.

The electronic stabilization system (ESP), together with the anti-skidding system (TCS), included in the list of standard equipment for all configurations equipped with a V6 engine, greatly facilitate driving under extreme conditions.

In 2007, the story began with a new design team (Martin Smith and Stefan Lam), a new philosophy ("Feel the difference"), a new design (kinetic) and a new concept car (iosis). A delightful new Mondeo was born - a unique car that combines the sensory lines of Iosis with excellent handling, a legacy of Ford's many years of experience.

While working on the new generation Mondeo, Ford followed a kinetic design policy clearly. Ford specialists deserve the award for the best creative, as they came up with an incredible amount of completely new elements. Here and striking longitudinal vyshtampovki on the hood, the lights of unusual shape. The brightest part of the front of the car is not even a wide nickel-plated grille, but a large air intake on the front bumper.

In any guise - sedan, hatchback or wagon - Mondeo is always attractive. If you look at it from the front, the attention is attracted by the weaving of a double grille. On the side, a muscular shoulder line indicates a tame force. Behind - a passionate bend of parking lights and a trim bumper.

The Mondeo interior is made with the same elements of the kinetic design as the car body. Straight lines are traced throughout the cabin, giving a certain rigor and solidity, but at the same time, they do not imply at all the excellent ergonomics and comfort of the new product. soft to the touch, which partly emphasizes their quality. The center console stands out from the general background with its silver color, with red audio and climate control displays. In general, the same silver in the whole salon is very widely used tavki in the doorway, on the steering wheel, gearshift handle on, and even in the frame coasters.

Most of the technologies used in the new Ford Mondeo are intended more for the driver. Let's start with the keyless access to the car and the same engine start using the "Ford Power" button. Also, it is the driver of the most useful new interface "Convers +" with a display on the dashboard, facilitating the detection of faults. Adaptive cruise control, Forward Alert crash warning system, and others, including tire pressure monitoring, will not be redundant. An interesting solution is the Easyfuel system - the gas tank of the new Ford Mondeo is designed in such a way that a fuel gun with any size and long nose fits it. A Bluetooth® voice control system can help answer a phone call or call without hands. Everything is in its place. Glitter of chrome-plated parts, leather and good plastic - they talk about quality and durability.

Due to the upgraded MacPherson suspension in the cabin, the noise level as well as vibration has significantly decreased, which allows you to have a conversation at any speed without raising your voice. The cumulative effect of all innovations was 3 dB, the noise in the new Ford Mondeo compared to the current model decreased by just this amount.

The presence of a system of continuous regulation of the stiffness of shock absorbers allows you to confidently take sharp turns, and the stabilization system makes the car more dynamic and at the same time sustainable.

The body is not just durable - it provides reliable protection. Mondeo 2007 is literally crammed with additional means of protection: Intellectual security system, stability control and a novelty - adaptive cruise control. A choice of 14 colors and 6 options: the discreet Core, the catchy Trend, the luxurious Ghia or the gorgeous Titanium.

The most modest 1.6-liter engine and 125 hp, the most powerful - 2.5-liter turbocharged unit and about 220 hp. Gamma motors also offers 2.3 l / 161 hp. and 2.0 l / 145 hp Complements the picture of a two-liter turbo diesel with a capacity of 140 liters. with.

Buyers are offered a choice of three boxes: 5- and 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission.

Ford managed not only to make a car that is superior to its predecessor in everything, but also to bring the successful model to a new level. And on this new level, Mondeo looks amazingly harmonious.

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