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The Ford Maverick, Everything You Need To Know

In 1993, in Barcelona, ​​the Nissan plant rolled off similar to each other like two drops of water: Terrano II and Ford Maverick - the brainchild of the joint work of two auto giants. They belonged to the compact in the early 90s class compact SUVs.

Maverick first generation had a frame structure and a rigidly connected front axle. The basic equipment of these models was not rich: power steering, central locking, electric mirrors. However, the absence of leather and other electric drives was justified by the low price.

The first-generation Maverick is a fairly tall car, with a spacious interior and a large glass area.

The range of engines consisted of two variants of an inline 4-cylinder power unit. The first one is a 2.7 liter turbo diesel with a capacity of 99 hp, and the second is a gasoline injection 12-valve engine with a capacity of 2.4 liter and a power of 124 hp.

The word Maverick, translated from English, means several concepts: "Unruly Horse", "Individualist", "Tramp" and "Dissident".

The Ford Maverick model continued to be produced until the end of 1998, after which the agreement with Nissan was terminated.

The second generation Maverick debuted in 2000.

In the US, this model is called Escape. There is a difference between them, however small. Maverick has good road performance when driving on the highway, relatively low fuel consumption and relatively high parameters of cross-country when working on dirt and other roads. Powertrain - American production. The two-liter 16-valve engine of the Zetec family develops 124 hp and the three-liter Duratec six - 197 hp.

Compared with the previous modification, Ford Maverick has acquired a lot of new things: engines, a smart transmission, optics and some interior elements. There have been improvements in passive safety.

The appearance of the new Maverick fits perfectly into the style of the all-wheel drive model range of Ford: in the outline of the body of a compact SUV, the features of its older “brothers” are easily guessed. The same in the interior. A large four-spoke steering wheel, an automatic transmission control lever located on the steering column, a massive center console, in the center of which the radio tape recorder flaunts, steering buttons on the steering wheel, wide front seats, automatic transmission understeering switch, all familiar features of an American car. True, indulging in European taste, the Ford men replaced the foot drive of the parking brake with the usual handbrake.

In a luxurious XLT configuration, the car is equipped with: full power, a hatch, four airbags and a leather interior. Thanks to the impressive internal volume, the wide possibilities of adjustment of the electrified seat and the variable angle of tilt of the steering column, Maverick guarantees comfort to the driver of any height and build. The size of the luggage compartment is also striking. In normal condition, its volume is 935 liters, and with the rear seats folded down - 1,793 liters. Access to the trunk is now possible in two ways: either through the fully raised door, or simply through the open rear window. Finally, baggage rails on the roof come standard, allowing you to carry loads weighing up to 45 kg.

In the role of the main driving force in the "top" version is the V6 volume of 3 liters and a capacity of 200 hp. The basic equipment is equipped with a 2.0 liter engine.

Characterized by maverick and excellent stability. Thanks to the new, fully independent suspension (front - McPherson, rear - multi-link system with the effect of passive steering), increased body rigidity and improved steering. Power steering helps to make maneuvers on the back streets confidently and without tension. High axle stability Maverick is obliged not only active suspension, but also the rear axle, automatically connected at the time of slipping of the front wheels. All-wheel drive is provided by the Control Trac II transmission, which can be controlled by a switch on the center console.

In the "Auto" mode, the redistribution of torque along the axes occurs automatically and is caused only by the degree of adhesion of the wheels to the road. On the roads, the driver can block the center differential by turning on the 4x4 mode. In this case, the torque will be distributed equally between the bridges, as in real jeeps. True, unlike them (by the way, as well as from its predecessor), the new Maverick is deprived of a lowering gear series and a mechanism for locking the wheel differential. As a result, we note that the off-road potential of the Ford vehicle has significantly decreased.

Now a few words about the cabin. It looks quite spacious, largely due to the cream-colored leather upholstery. The feeling of space in the cabin arises due to the large windshield and side windows. The color scheme of the instrument panel is built on the contrast. A tachometer and a speedometer stand out on a black background with white circles, and on the sides are indicators of engine temperature, fuel level and transmission mode. In the dark, a nice green light. Gear knob is on the steering wheel. The cabin has enough roomy shelves, drawers and various pockets for luggage. For example, the armrest of the front seats provides access to a niche hidden in it, where you can easily fit a volume purse. The driver's seat is very comfortable, has an excellent range of adjustments, so that the driver of any configuration can be comfortably behind the wheel. Behind without problems will accommodate three adults.

Summarizing all the above, we conclude that Ford Maverick is able to perfectly cope with the role of the only car in the family. It combines solidity, so important for men, ease of management, which will be appreciated by the weaker floor, spaciousness - excellent quality for family voyages and throughput - to ease the way to the cottage.

Ford was recently introduced to Ford Maverick 2005. Creating a new version, marketers took the path of easy restyling. Visually, Maverick hasn't changed much. The face and profile of the car is still easily recognizable. Only the head lighting technology and the shape of the bumpers, which have become much more powerful than before, have changed. Now they are made of special material, not afraid of scratches. And the oval fog gave way round.

Changes have occurred in the cabin. Immediately attracts the attention of the lack of a switch on the steering wheel. Now he is in a European style located on the central tunnel. The instrument cluster has become more stringent and concise.

If we talk about the safety of the Ford Maverick, then it is clearly at altitude. The strength of its bearing body, front suspension with MacPherson struts, independent rear suspension - all of this in combination provides precise controllability under all driving conditions. The personal safety system "Personal Safety System", which FordMaverick is equipped with, is designed to provide the highest possible degree of protection in the event of a collision. Add to this anti-lock braking system (ABS) with EBD and Emergency Braking Assist (EBA), fitted as standard equipment, as well as six airbags, and as an option side curtains, and you are sure that FordMaverick is always ready adequately respond to any surprises.

Maverick is offered to the buyer in one “top” configuration of the XLT, but with two power units. The first - a 16-valve 2.3-liter engine (150 hp) - is aggregated with a five-speed manual gearbox. The second engine is a three-liter V-shaped six with a capacity of 203 hp, aggregated only with automatic transmission.

The all-wheel drive system compared with the 2000 model has undergone some changes. Her "highlight" - follow the action. Initially, the moment is constantly distributed to the front wheels, which helps save fuel. But when it slips, the ITCC system is turned on, which constantly monitors the condition of the car and, if necessary, activates the clutch RBC. It works like a viscous coupling: silicone fluid compresses the package of friction discs and connects the rear wheels to work. Depending on the degree of compression, more or less torque is transmitted. The distribution of the moment between the front and rear axle reaches a 50/50 ratio.

Maverick can be described with complete confidence as a modern, reliable and comfortable car.

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