Ford galaxy

The appearance of the Galaxy took place in 1995, at the same time VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra entered the automotive market.

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We also note that the development of the creation of this minivan was conducted in conjunction with the company Volkswagen.

Ford Galaxy 1995

Because of this, much in the Galaxy cabin was taken from Volkswagen. An example of this is the monumental panel and the characteristic "Passat" console with the famous small buttons. The cars were very similar to each other, but Galaxy’s high competitiveness made Ford think about its individualization. To implement this plan in 1997, the car was subjected to modernization.

Mainly designers have made changes to the interior of the cabin. Now he has acquired more classic features. The use of plastic with the texture and color of the metal added a "design" openwork, also contributing to the feeling of spaciousness. Naturally, all this led to a change in the instrument panel, steering, seats and much more.

Luxury equipment Ghia as an option offers: a navigation system, a game console (monitor displays are located in the headrests of the front seats), a mobile phone and the ability to access the Internet.

But the more modest equipment Trend can offer many necessary and functional things: all kinds of shelves, containers, nets, holders, even hangers for clothes. Also in the basic package includes: air conditioning, dual airbags, audio preparation of eight speakers and mirrors with electric and heated. With the equipment under the order, you can make so that the place of the middle seat of the second row, will take a refrigerator. Rear row passengers will be pleased with very practical folding tables - rigid, equipped with a gas spring-emphasis.

Appearance of the updated Galaxy was created in the style of New Edge. The novelty is different grille and head optics. If desired, the buyer in the car can install and xenon optical elements.

Ford Galaxy 2000 year

The rear part has also undergone significant changes: from the configuration of the parking lights to the surprisingly soft and easy opening mechanism of the massive tailgate. Summarizing once again, we note the undoubted advantages of the Galaxy: excellent visibility from the driver's seat, controllability and smoothness.

In 1999, the Galaxy undergoes another modernization, aimed mainly at giving individual features to the appearance of the car. Ford's corporate design New Edge is now embodied in minivans. The exterior and interior design was slightly modified, sharp and straight lines replaced the smooth forms, which emphasizes rectangular optics. For interior decoration used the latest materials.

There are a large number of adjustments to the driver's seat and steering column, which allows the driver of any configuration to take a comfortable position. From the back can be installed from 2 to 5 seats, which have longitudinal adjustment, folding head restraints and three-point seat belts. Due to the thoughtful transformation of chairs, they can be folded or removed completely. The front passenger has the ability to rotate his seat by 180 degrees.

The gamma of engines is represented by: petrol volumes of 2.3 and 2.8 liters (from 116 to 204 hp), as well as turbo diesel engines of 1.9 liters with direct fuel injection. Diesel engines differ only in turbochargers: with a simple engine, the engine develops 90 hp, and with a variable-geometry turbine, already 115 hp. The fuel consumption of the latter is 10 liters per 100 km.

Ford Galaxy 2000 year

The engines work with a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic gearbox, although a 5-speed menanic or 4-speed automatic gearbox is installed together with a 2.3-liter engine. All machines have a SelectShift manual gearshift mode.

Suspension is characterized by smoothness, clarity and speed of reaction. The standard equipment includes the ABS system, the electronic brake-force distribution system EBV, and the dynamic stabilization system EDS.

Exceptional Ford Galaxy handling and accurate cornering are provided by ESP (Electronic Stabilization Program) and ABS systems.

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Thanks to these systems, in terms of controllability, the Galaxy corresponds to a luxury car.

Ford Galaxy is equipped with everything you need for a safe ride. Airbags for the driver and front passenger are offered to future owners as standard, side airbags as an option for Trend and standard for Ghia, and curtain airbags are installed as an option for both configurations.

In 2006, the third generation of the Ford Galaxy was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The car became noticeably larger than its predecessors and received new engines. Thanks to the new design, the five-meter van does not seem bulky. The basis of the appearance is the abundance of straight lines and sharp corners. Sports notes added a wide air intake of the front bumper, chopped forms of optics, chrome lining along the windows and door handles.

Ford Galaxy 2006

Inside, as well as outside, everything is done in kinetic style. High quality finishing materials are inherent in door panels, aluminum and wood inserts, and seat upholstery. A variety of settings for the front seats allows you not only to get comfortable with a person of any height, but also to choose the type of landing. There are two options: high, as in a van, or low, as in a sedan. Adjustments are not deprived and two rear rows with longitudinal settings. The angle of the backrest is also adjustable. Ergonomics driver's seat carefully thought out. You can control most systems with the buttons on the steering wheel.

The model is equipped with gasoline and diesel engines. The range of Duratec petrol units includes: 2.0 l / 145 hp, 2.3 l / 161 hp, 2.5 l / 220 hp There are also several diesel options: 1.8 l (100 hp, 125 hp, 130 hp), 2.0 l (140 hp), 2.2 l (175 hp).

In 2010, the model was restyled. The manufacturer has made a number of small changes. Sloping front, polygonal headlights and the aerodynamic shape of the body always gave the Galaxy a dynamic profile. And such innovations in design as a raised hood, chrome-plated elements and a lower bumper and grille added extra elegance to the appearance of the car.

Ford Galaxy 2010

Bright, spacious and comfortable interior has been improved by new materials and high-end audio system Ford. One of the most important advantages of the model is the wealth of interior layout options, namely 32 combinations of folding seats. Seats of the second and third row fold completely and form a flat floor. The comfort of the cabin is complemented by a panoramic roof with a reflective coating (optional).

EcoBoost gasoline engines and upgraded Duratorq diesel engines not only provide higher torque and more power, but also reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (meet EuroV standards). The flagship of the line is a 203-strong EcoBoost with a volume of 2 liters. The Galaxy 2010 is equipped with a PowerShift automatic six-speed dual-clutch gearbox that makes driving easier, more fun and reduces fuel consumption.

Safety and comfort technologies include cruise control with adjustable speed limiter, remote access system with Ford Power engine start / stop button, suspension stiffness adjustment (optional for Ghia modification), blind zone information system and much another.

For the safety of the driver and passengers responsible intellectual protection system IPS, which includes an optimized body design of heavy-duty steel, anti-lock brakes, electronic directional stability, side curtain airbags, knee airbags and more. According to the methodology EuroNcap car received the maximum rating.

In Russia, the Ford Galaxy is available in two trim levels: Trend and Ghia.

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