Ford futura

The Futura model is so far intended for sales in the automotive markets of the USA, Canada and Mexico.

1955 Lincoln Futura

Will enter into mass production in 2005. Will be produced at the Mexican plant in the city of Hermosillo (Hermosillo), which occupies the eleventh place in the world ranking of automobile plants.

1955 Ford Futura Concept Car - Batmobile

For the production of Futura, a large-scale reconstruction of the plant was needed, for which Ford spent about $ 1.6 billion.

The new Ford sedan is based on the thoroughly revised Mazda6 platform, and will itself become the base for 10 different models from other Ford divisions.

Cabin components for the new Futura were ordered by Collins & Aikman Corp, one of the largest manufacturers in the field.

The new model is positioned as a successor to the Taurus. The grille is made in retro style and resembles some classic Ford 60s models.

The five-seater sedan will have a 2.3-liter new I-4 aluminum engine, as well as a 3-liter V-6. It is possible that a more powerful version will appear later, and maybe even a hybrid version.

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