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Ford Fusion SE 2.5 Flex 2018 em detalhes

For the first time, the Fusion appeared in public at the Geneva Motor Show in 2002. New Ford concern is a bold decision design ideas. Fusion is a vivid example of the "crossing" of a city hatchback, SUV and compact van. The name of the car picked up the appropriate, it translates as an alloy, once again, emphasizing a unique mixture of different variations in one car. So the chassis Fusion borrowed from the hatchback, a large internal space and a high body from a compact van, and the features of an SUV are peeped out in the increased ground clearance and large wheels. The car was built on the Ford Fiesta platform, but it is much larger than this model in terms of its dimensions: length - 4020 mm, width - 1708 mm, height - 1503 mm. The undeniable advantage of Fusion is a large amount of internal space. This allows not only to carry more things, but also to provide a sufficient level of comfort for passengers.

Experts consider the Fusion to be a model that opens a new class of UAV cars (Urban Activity Vehicle or "A car for active city driving"). It is characterized by excellent visibility, agility and agility. The latest quality is ensured by two petrol engines of the Duratec family (1.4-liter, 80 hp and 1.6-liter, 100 hp) and a common-rail turbo diesel with 68 hp.

Fusion is truly versatile, it has a spacious and multifunctional interior, in which the seat turns into a table in a few seconds, and under the seat cushion there is a drawer for storing a wide variety of things.

The trunk of the Fusion is very convenient and capacious (337 l). It can be opened either from the outside with a key or from the driver’s seat with a button. For the full picture, we add that special fasteners in it, unfortunately, are missing.

Three different transmissions are installed on Ford Fusion cars: the Durashift Automatic, the new generation of Durashift EST (Electronic Shift Technology) and the 5-speed Durashift manual transmission.

Durashift Automatic - 4-speed, electronically-controlled automatic transmission of the latest generation, which has an extremely soft gear shift, which ensures a soft and comfortable ride. Automatic transmission aggregates with a 1.6-liter, 100-horsepower 16-valve Ford Duratec engine, this combination provides the Ford Fusion and Ford Fiesta with a soft shift and quick response to an increase in fuel delivery. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 11.7 seconds, and the maximum speed is 179 km / h.

The new automatic transmission also provides modes for driving in various road conditions.

Mode "kick-down". In this traditional mode, the automatic transmission delays shifting to a higher gear or, conversely, lowers the gear for confident acceleration if the accelerator pedal is pressed to the extreme position. When the pedal returns to the standard position of the course, the transmission returns to the normal operation algorithm it worked on before the kick-down mode was activated. This mode was designed to provide maximum acceleration at the request of the driver without first having to switch automatic transmissions.

The mode of movement in mountainous terrain. Comparing the position of the throttle with the engine speed and vehicle speed, the BOOT is able to determine the angle of lift and incline for optimal choice of gear and the moment of its switching. This algorithm allows you to maintain a constant vehicle speed without frequent gear changes and finding the most optimal one for confident movement. Within this mode, there are two automatic transmission operation algorithms that depend on the slope steepness.

Driving mode downhill. In this mode, the throttle position, engine speed, vehicle speed are analyzed, and when the brakes are triggered, the automatic transmission shifts to a lower gear to create an additional braking force due to engine braking. This algorithm allows you to more accurately control the process of moving down the hill or when towing a trailer in mountainous terrain.

Mode of operation in cold and hot weather conditions. The mode of operation in cold conditions eliminates the possibility of shifting to 4th gear until the transmission oil reaches operating temperature. This mode of operation allows to reduce the wear of transmission components in a cold stratum, which prolongs the service life of the automatic transmission. The temperature sensor for transmission oil can also initiate a mode of operation with additional cooling when the automatic transmission heats up during operation.

Overdrive mode. The "overdrive" off key is located in the lower part of the automatic transmission selector in the car and allows the driver to exclude the automatic transmission shifting to 4th gear, as a result, the movement of the car becomes sharper and more dynamic when driving at high speeds or in situations where frequent shifting from 3rd gear to 4th. Moreover, the automatic transmission can be blocked on the 1st or 2nd gear to ensure safe traffic on slopes and on snowy roads.

The transmission is controlled by a separate computer and functions together with the engine control unit. The settings of the engine and transmission are constantly adjusted to best meet the operating conditions and driving style of the driver.

The Ford Fusion c 1.4 liter engine is fitted with a Durashift EST robotic gearbox. In fact, it is a manual transmission with automatic mode. It is believed that it is ideal for active driving in the city and has a number of advantages over the traditional "mechanics": in the absence of a clutch pedal, it is much easier to overcome traffic jams in the start-stop mode, it is impossible to mix up the transmission and it is almost impossible to stall. Compared with the "automatic" Durashift EST provides more dynamic driving and significant fuel savings.

Ford Fusion comes to Russia in two trim levels - Trend and Elegance. Trend includes: front driver and passenger airbags, side airbags, ABS, lockable gas tank hatch, power steering, immobilizer, tinted windows, D / U central locking, adjustable steering column, three rear head restraints, leather-trimmed steering wheel, heated front seats, electric front windows, a button for opening the tailgate on the dashboard and two-color bumper.

The Elegance package includes all of the above, supplemented by a chrome-plated radiator grille, exterior electric mirrors and heated, front fog lamps and leather trim for the gearshift lever.

In 2004, the engine lineup was replenished - a 1.6-liter 16-valve Duratorq diesel engine with a 90 hp turbocharger. This is the latest joint development of Ford Motor Company and PSA Peugeot Citroën. The 1.6 TDCi engine is as lightweight as possible - the entire aluminum construction, light alloy. On the diesel engine is the third generation common rail system. It has a double camshaft and an electronic throttle control system. Meets the latest Euro IV standards - CO2 emissions are 119 g / km. Fuel consumption is 4.5 liters per 100 km. The engine will be available on the three-and five-door versions of Ford Fusion.

Ford also announced a new modification of the Fusion Plus, which differs from the base model with a new plastic body kit, with upgraded bumpers and sills, a new grille, body-colored side moldings, as well as tinted windows and 16-inch wheels.

There have been changes in the interior. The decoration uses more expensive and high-quality materials. And in the list of additional equipment, devices were added as an audio system with a DVD player and even a X-box game console.

A set of engines for the novelty remained the same - 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter gasoline engines with 79 and 98 horsepower, respectively, or a new 1.4-liter turbo-diesel with 67 horsepower. Both 1.4-liter versions of the Ford Fusion Plus will be available with a semi-automatic transmission with manual shift mode.

In 2005, under the name Fusion, Ford began producing a solid mid-size sedan, which had already changed two names before that - Futura and the Four Hundred. The situation with the name of this car for Ford became critical - no matter what name the company chose, someone who had already registered the rights to such a name and demanding payments was necessarily located.

Fusion is based on the Ford 427 concept: a chrome grille and the shape of the headlights remind you of this. The Fusion Sedan will take its place in the row between the Focus and the Five Hundred. By the way, the Fusion sedan is the first model of the company, created entirely with the help of digital technology.

The design turned out to be much conservative, but universal, in the sense that in both Europe and America the Fusion sedan will not look like an alien element. Exterior Fusion looks extremely harmonious. Corporate identity is respected.

In the interior - the same rigor and conciseness. Fusion has one of the most spacious salons in its class, including a seat for the shoulders in the front seat and a leg room for passengers in the backseat. The car interior can be made in one of three colors. Five full seats, decent upholstery materials - everything is simple, but with taste. The car looks solid and expensive. Considerable merit in this large number of chrome parts, stylistically similar to the concept car Ford 427. All Fusion sedans are available telescopic steering column, heated seats and a CD changer for six discs.

The torsional stiffness of the Fusion sedan is increased by 12.7%, which allows a fully independent suspension (front-two-lever, rear-multi-thruster with the thruster effect) to ensure smooth control. Disc brakes and ABS with electronic brake force distribution are installed on the model.

Two engines, both petrol from the Duratec series: 2.3 liters (160 hp) and a three-liter 210-horsepower "six". A less powerful one will come with a 5-speed manual gearbox or with a 5-speed automatic transmission, and a more powerful one - only with a 6-speed automatic transmission. Both engines have a lightweight aluminum body, four valves per cylinder and electronic throttle control system.

Ford Fusion has only front-wheel drive.

Fusion is designed to meet the latest stringent vehicle safety requirements. The average rack of the body is made of two welded sheets of steel, which strengthens the roof and makes the bottom of the car more flexible. Personal Safety System (Personal Safety System) includes a double airbag and a safety belt with a pretensioner.

Collect Fusion at the Hermosillo Stamping and Assembly plant in Mexico.

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