Ford five hundred

Why did they discontinue this car? (2007 Ford Five Hundred SEL) Now Only $ 2250 - REVIEW

Ford Five Hundred - this name will be the new family car, introduced in 2004 by Ford. According to the creators, the car owes its appearance to the results of a survey of car owners called "What would you like to see in a family car?". Concern hopes that the new product will become the flagship of the brand's range in the North American market. Selling a car in Europe is not planned yet. It is assumed that the Five Hundred will act as an ideological receiver model Ford Taurus. In size, it is really close to its predecessor, however, in terms of comfort and the amount of free space for passengers, it significantly exceeds the Taurus. So, on the stock space for the rear passengers of the Five Hundred can be compared with the Rolls-Royce.

The novelty is a high sedan, the technological part of which is a symbiosis of several models. It combines the features of a minivan - a large interior space, and an SUV - good (relatively) maneuverability, ride quality and high seating position. It is noteworthy that the car is created on the same platform with the new Ford CrossTrainer SUV.

Five Hundred has a large spacious interior, which will be comfortable and convenient for both the driver and passengers of any configuration.

Equipped car is very rich. Power driver's seat, air conditioning and good "music". For a fee, you can get a leather interior. Four-wheel drive, by the way, is also listed in the list of options (the base "Five Hundred" has front-wheel drive).

Initially, the five-seater sedan will be completed with only one three-liter Duratec V6 engine with a capacity of 200 liters. with. Meeting all environmental standards. Together with it, it will be possible to order either a six-speed manual gearbox or the latest CVT CVT, which is the same as that used, for example, on the Audi A6.

For the safety are responsible several airbags (both front and side), as well as special "crash zones" that absorb the impact energy, both in a frontal collision and in a rear impact. The car is equipped with AdvanceTrac brand stabilization system and anti-lock system is already standard.

Creating a car experts Ford balanced between stylish modern design and excellent functionality.

The Five Hundred will be produced at the Ford plant in Chicago.

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