Ford festiva

Ford Festiva - a car belonging to the American classification of the category "subcompact" was first introduced in Japan in 1986.

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The North American premiere took place two years later in 1988. This car was produced by the South Korean company KIA, part of the Ford corporation, and was based on the Kia Pride model. Ford Festiva was intended for buyers in North America, Asia and Australasia.

Ford Festiva, as well as Kia Pride, are technically based on the Mazda DA platform, which used Mazda B series carburetor engines. In more recent models, a modern fuel injection system was used.

Ford Festiva was sold in North America from 1988 to 1993. In Europe and in other world markets, this car bore the name of the Mazda 121 (probably to avoid competition with the Ford Fiesta sold in these markets) and was sold from 1988 to 1991, until it was replaced with the more modern Mazda Autozam Revue. In some countries, this car was sold as a Kia Pride.

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In North America, the Ford Festiva has replaced the outdated Ford Fiesta. And in Iran and Syria, the outdated Nasim model and the newer Saipa 141.

The second generation Ford Festiva was created jointly by Kia Motors and Ford USA. The car retained mostly all the technical stuffing of the early model, but grew up a bit in size and got a more rounded body in accordance with the fashion trends of the 90s in the style of "biodesign".

It should be noted that while in some markets the car was positioned as the second generation Ford Festiva, North American car dealers were selling it as a new car called the Ford Aspire. At the time, it was the first car of this class in North America with two airbags as standard and with optional ABS for all four wheels. The new Festiva (Aspire) was slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, and also had a more aerodynamic body shape.

In 1997, the car received a new front bumper with an oval grille to match the new “Ford” style in which the debuted Ford Contour and updated Ford Taurus were performed.

Aspire has disappeared from the Ford lineup in the United States since 1997.

The second generation Festiva continued to be sold in Australia until 2000, and then replaced with the Ford Ka model. Kia Motors ended its relationship with the Ford Motor Company and began to independently release the Kia Rio model, which can be considered the successor of the Festiva.

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