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2018 Ford Expedition Platinum - The New King of Big SUV's

The first generation Ford Expedition appeared in 1996. The car is built on the platform of a Ford F150 pickup and combines reliability, durability and comfort.

The dimensions of the car are impressive, its length is 5200 mm. Such parameters are the key to a spacious cabin, where there is enough space for comfortable accommodation of passengers. The cabin can have 2 or three rows of seats and is ready to accept from 5 to 9 passengers, respectively, and the third row seats are easily removable, and the second fold up, which helps, if necessary, to increase the luggage compartment volume to 3.3 cubic meters. Upholstery can be made of several types of fabric or natural leather.

Expedition was equipped with two types of V8 gasoline engines. One of them had a volume of 4.6 liters, the second - 5.4 liters. The first three years of production engine power was 218 hp and 233 hp accordingly, however, then it became a little more. Thus, the 4.6-liter unit began to produce 235 hp. (or 243 hp), and 5.4 l - 264 hp A car equipped with the most powerful engine (5.4 l) accelerates to "hundreds" in 10 seconds. Full-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive Expedition are supplied to Russia. The latter are a bit cheaper, but in order to feel more confident on the winter country road it is better to prefer a car with all-wheel drive.

The suspension and rear-wheel drive Ford Expedition are somewhat different from each other. For example, in a simpler version, not torsion bars are used in front, but ordinary helical springs. Although, as practice shows, this does not particularly affect the resource - if you take care of the car, the suspension parts can withstand 60–100 thousand km. It all depends on driving style.

Some of the first generation Ford Expedition have pneumatic rear suspension, which was originally installed at an additional cost. With careful attention and careful driving on smooth roads, pneumatics will please the owner of the car with very good comfort. But on the Russian roads, this system sometimes manifests itself not in the best way.

In 2002, a new Ford Expedition was introduced at an auto show in Detroit. A powerful four-ton handsome man who looks confident on a country road and is truly luxurious on city streets. The dimensions of the car are 5.228 mm in length, 2.000 mm in width, and 1.971 mm in height. The trunk volume is 571 liters, and if you fold the seats of the second and third rows, you get a cargo compartment of 3127 liters - this is the best indicator in the class. The novelty has received an independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, as well as a redesigned third row of seats, which can now be easily folded and removed, freeing the platform for large loads. Despite the fact that the total length of the car has increased by only 2.5 centimeters, the legroom of third-row passengers has increased by 22.5 centimeters.

In addition, the new Ford Expedition in the basic configuration is equipped with a more powerful engine - a 232-horsepower V8 of 4.6 liters. The second engine remained unchanged - this is a 5.4-liter "eight" with a capacity of 260 horsepower. All models are equipped with 4-speed automatic transmissions.

We also note that the new product is equipped with the most modern passive safety systems, including adaptive side airbags, which can remain in an inflated state for up to six seconds, thereby protecting passengers from repeated coup.

The frame of the car, which has now become 70% tougher, has been lowered, making it easier to access the salon and making the car more stable. In the event of a head-on collision with a car, Expedition was equipped with a special bumper, reducing the likelihood of a lower car getting under the SUV.

In picking Eddie Bauer Expedition is equipped with the latest developments to improve the level of comfort and safety: cruise control, air conditioning, economizer computer, and much more, up to the satellite navigation system. All adjustments, including the setting of the seats and steering column, the drive of the hatch and window lifters, are equipped with electric drive. Electrically adjustable pedal position allows you to perfectly “adjust” the controls under the driver, which increases the comfort and safety of the trip.

There are four transmission modes: 2WD (rear-wheel drive only), A4WD (all-wheel drive), 4WD (automatic activation of all-wheel drive when necessary) and 4WD Low Range (downshifting).

Expedition also has the largest brakes in its class (13 inches in front, 11 in the back) with dual calipers, which noticeably shortens the braking distance. The brakes are already fitted as standard with ABS and EBD systems. In addition to all this, the car was equipped with a dynamic braking control system, which, in case of need for sudden braking, automatically creates maximum pressure in the brake drive up to ABS and helps reduce the braking distance by 20%.

Speaking of wheels, it should be noted that 17-inch wheels and tire pressure monitoring sensors are now standard on the Expedition. Ford specialists also took care of the individual safety of each passenger by equipping the Expedition with a Personal Safety System. PSS includes body position sensors (to open the airbag correctly), pretentious seat belts, overload sensor, seat belt buckle sensors, two-level airbags for the driver and front passenger, as well as optional window airbags that will protect the heads of passengers with side impacts.

Expedition is universal, it is used both as a representative car and as a family car. Today, the Ford Expedition is one of the largest mass-produced off-road vehicles.

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