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Test Drive the 2004 Ford Excursion Eddie Bauer Powerstroke (As Well As A Short Tour)

The Ford Excursion first appeared on the market in 1999 as the 2000 model. The car was shown at an exhibition in Texas, and then immediately launched into mass production. Excursion is assembled on the chassis of a Ford F 250 truck. The design of the Excursion is inherently simple: a ladder support frame, spring suspension, continuous axles automatic transmission with a reduced row and all-wheel drive system with pneumatic disconnection-connecting the front axle.

Impressive interior filling: front seats with a wide range of adjustments, air conditioning and radio with CD-changer for 6 CDs.

On the front console Excursion is a 4H-4L mode control knob. It is possible to connect an all-wheel drive on the go, but to shift to a lower gear, you must stop and turn the automatic transmission to the "N" position. Differential locking occurs automatically, but you can do it manually.

Note that despite the huge engine torque and all-wheel drive with reduced transmission, Excursion is not designed for serious off-road. Too large wheelbase (3480 mm) and weight can be a real hindrance to the SUV.

Excursion surprisingly combines the latest automotive industry and patriarchal ways. On the one hand - steering damper, ABS, ventilated discs front and rear, parking sensors and cruise control. On the other - the traditional "poker" automatic transmission, a compass in the center of the onboard computer and a fairly cheap plastic in the interior trim.

Excursion has some typical American features. For example, the jack handle and wheel wrench are located under the hood, which clearly causes inconvenience to the driver, due to the possibility of heating these parts. Secondly, Excursion, like all American cars, is subject to rather strong pitching. This is the effect of spring dependent suspension. We will not fail to add that Excursion has positive features of an "American". For example, surprising ease with which the power steering works. Extraordinarily spacious interior. You can get there by standing on the wide steps located on the sides. The interior is decorated in bright colors, because of which the colossal interior seems even more. The driver's seat is quite comfortable, all its electric adjustments - only the angle of the backrest is changed manually.

Many different capacities for luggage: large pockets in the doors, a drawer between the front seats and cup holders. Passengers of the second (middle) row will be comfortable even for three. Almost the same picture in the third row, the only negative - it is likely that the legs will be cramped. There is a double bench in the trunk. By the way, instead of two separate front seats, you can install a solid sofa, and the car will be 9-seater.

The back door consists of three parts. To get into the trunk, you must first fold up the glass, then alternately open the sides of the right and left sash.

Under the steering wheel are the classic American gearshift lever ("poker") and two steering-wheel-mounted switches, heads of windshield wipers and turn signals. Light control is made in the European manner - a rotating knob to the left of the steering wheel, a similar knob to the right is responsible for the transmission operating modes. There are three of them: rear-wheel drive, full and complete with downshifting.

On the instrument panel are mechanical odometer and automatic transmission mode indicator. In the middle of the dashboard, there is a climate control unit and a radio with the size of 2DIN. Second-row passengers can adjust the temperature for themselves; there is a separate control unit on the back of the ceiling for this.

The BlockerBeam system is a power tubular element installed under the front bumper that prevents diving cars under Excursion: important in frontal collisions. A similar task is performed by the towing device under the rear bumper.

The car is equipped with a 10-cylinder V-shaped engine of the Triton family with a volume of 6.8 liters and a power of 310 hp. An alternative to it are the 255-strong V8 with a volume of 5.4 liters and the 250-strong 7.3-liter turbo diesel V8. Excursion has a high fuel consumption. On the "hundred" on average takes more than 28 liters.

The mass of the car is 3200 kg. Dimensions: in the length of 5.75 m in height and width of more than two meters. The volume of the gas tank - 167 liters. The size of the Excursion is its main advantage. Spacious interior, roomy trunk, high level of equipment, powerful engine: if you have, for example, your own boat, then the Excursion is perfect for the role of a tractor.

Due to low consumer demand, production of this model was discontinued in 2003. Ford declares that the world's largest SUV will be replaced by an extended version of the new generation Expedition. The creators say that a special modification of the Expedition will be slightly less than the current Excursion, but will be built on a modern platform, will get a complex rear suspension and a more economical and environmentally friendly engine. The appearance of the new version is expected in 2005-2006.

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