Ford crown victoria

Crown Victoria refers to the type of car, which in America is called full-size "full-size."

Police Cars, Ford Crown Vic

These include mostly frame cars with a large cabin and trunk. The Crown Victoria model at its debut in 1979 was called LTD Crown Victoria: LTD - in honor of the most expensive Ford car for a decade and a half (1965-1979), and the Crown Victoria - after the modification of the popular 1955-1956 model with a roof section seats made of darkened plexiglass color bottle glass. (The new car had a similar roof solution, only the front section was still opaque.)

The 1991 Ford Model Crown Victoria had a so-called “aerodynamic”, licked body and impressive dimensions of more than five meters in length and nearly two meters in width. The luggage compartment volume was 580 liters. Previously, full-size "Americans" were six-person - and in front, and behind sat down in three. But on the cars of the 90s, the legendary American front sofas have sunk into oblivion, giving way to two armchairs with armrests, which when folded give the third place. However, it will be comfortable on it unless the child. Yes, and it’s better to sit in the back together - the sofa is molded into two places, and in the middle is a wide transmission tunnel.

Now about the engine, the Ford Eight of 4.6 liters was installed on the Crown Victoria: the cast-iron block was crowned with aluminum heads with upper camshafts and their chain drive. Fuel injection - only distributed, electronic ignition system - without distributor. Fuel consumption 15–20 l / 100 km.

The suspension design is a kind of classic: double wishbones, springs and anti-roll bar in front, a continuous axle beam with jet rods (also on springs) at the back.

Light fixtures are distinguished by the pleasant features of American cars: in the additional section, located in the “turn signal” unit, when the direction indicators are turned on in combination with the main light, the lamp lights up, which shines sideways, helping to maneuver in the dark. In Europe, these headlights are just starting to appear - for example, on the Audi A8.

In 1998, the model was upgraded. Changes in the design touched the design of the false radiator grille and rear pillars, where metal vents occupied the place of the rear vents.

In 2002, Ford introduced the new roomy, comfortable and high-speed car Crown Victoria.

Watch This BEFORE You Buy A Crown Victoria Police Interceptor!

At the same time stating that the novelty was created specifically for the taxi business and the service sector.

The car has an extended wheelbase, thus providing an additional 2.4 m³ of space for rear passengers and their hand luggage. Large rear windows and large rear doors allow passengers to get in and out of the car easily.

The car is equipped with a 4.6 liter V8 engine, producing 215 horsepower. Rear wheel drive Ford Crown Victoria, has an additional pneumatic system of springs. The base model also includes ABS, electronic stabilization system, dual airbags, air conditioning, modern CD - player.

The model was in great demand from taxi services, for which the LWB version extended to 5540 mm was prepared, and the police.

In the 2003 model year, Crown Victoria has undergone a serious technical modernization: a new frame, made by the hydrotransformation method and a completely new front independent suspension, is installed on the model. Hard rear axle on request equip pneumatic shock absorbers. Only one engine is a 4.6-liter V8 rated at 228 hp. (272 N • m). For police services, it is forced up to 240 hp, and for some municipalities they offer a 177-strong option running on natural gas.

Crown Victoria is the main vehicle of American police, there are 350,000 of these vehicles on the roads of the United States. Meanwhile, this model has so far caused a lot of complaints from peace officers because of the tendency of the gas tank to ignite spontaneously in the event of an accident. Working to eliminate this problem, in 2003, Ford introduced revolutionary technologies to reduce the risk of a gas tank fire. This is a special device, which in the event of an accident automatically envelops the gas tank with fire protection foam. The extinguishing device is powered by the same sensors as the airbags.

The Ford Crown Victoria is still being produced, but the fate of this car hangs in the balance - it will soon be replaced by a front-wheel-drive Ford Five Hundred, the basis for which was the Mazda 6.

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