Ford 427

Concept car 427 is a bright embodiment of the creative thought of Ford specialists.

700HP 427 SOHC 1967 Ford Fairlane // DT250

A sample of one of the possible design directions. The angular, elongated silhouette, the use of chrome and aluminum, the black painted body, all this looks truly luxurious and stylish. Designing the Ford 427, designers took inspiration from the oval sedans of the 60s, which defined the luxury and best performance of American cars of those years. Combining the indispensable elements of a modern sedan and Ford’s signature recognizable features, we got the concept car 427.

The exterior is quite charismatic. For all its unpretentious brevity, the 427th looks very impressive. The car turned out long, wide and at the same time squat. Its profile is quite smooth, smooth, devoid of unnecessary details. The front of the car is almost vertical with a powerful stylish grille in the form of aluminum strips (attribute Ford Galaxie mid-60s). The front and rear vertically positioned headlights are styled as 60s with the addition of modern rounded-square outlines.

Polished 19-inch wheel disks and the “427” logos add glitter to the modern design of the emblems that once stood on the Ford Galaxie 500XL 427.

The interior design is made in a modern style and is distinguished by the absence of sharp corners. The interior is trimmed with black handmade leather, spectacularly stitched with thick white thread, brushed aluminum, supplemented with chrome-plated details, and divided by a powerful central console. Therefore, two of the same individual seats are installed at the rear as the front ones are bucket-shaped, with high backs.

1963 Ford Galaxie With 427FE Ripping Through The Gears! - [HD] Bullet Motorsports

It seems that for each of the 4 passengers a separate individual corner was formed. Not less interest and cause a small steering wheel with a thick rim, and the dashboard, with its outlines resembling either the newest binoculars, or trendy glasses. In the interior styling is clearly "listened" retro motif, "business card" which can be called the dials of the speedometer and tachometer. Chrome and aluminum elements give a modern color and bring a sporty spirit. The abundance of black in the interior decoration creates a little mystical image.

The Ford Concept 427 engine was developed on a trimmed budget. Initially, it was only planned to test the possibility of developing a new 7-liter unit outside the Ford technology V-8. Ford’s Powertrain Research & Development has received such a task, and the result shocked everyone. Under the hood, the Ford 427 has a 7.0-liter V10 engine (427 cubic inches). The classic volume, the same power units had the old Galaxie. Which explains the unpretentious name that the car received.

Ford 427 develops 590 hp at 6500 rpm. Torque is equal to 690 Nm at 5500 rpm.

With the advent of 427 in the model range, Ford has become one more beautiful and stylish car.

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