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Vrum - Teste - Fiat Doblò ELX 1.4 (05/23/2010)

Fiat has an old tradition to give all commercial vehicles the names of old coins: Ducato, ducat, Fiorino, florin, and Doblo, respectively, duplon. The multifunctional Fiat Doblo is one of the most successful commercial vehicles in the Fiat model range, since it began production in 2000. Doblo is very rational and incredibly flexible to operate. The car comes in two basic configurations (SX and ESX) and in several body variants, from the utilitarian all-metal Cargo van to the Minibus minibus. The first generation Doblo was sold in quantities of more than 300,000 units.

In the spring of 2004, the model was upgraded. The heir received everything new - new design, new engines and even new versions. All the best that was in Doblo, preserved and even better - a huge amount of luggage, very convenient access to the salon, the ability to withstand a lot of weight.

The gamma of engines in 2004 was updated - petrol 1.2 l 8V in versions 8V (65 hp, 102 Nm) or 16V (80 hp, 118 N + m) or 1.6 l 16V (103 l .s., 145 Nm) on gasoline or gas remained unchanged, the 63-horsepower diesel engine was replaced by a new modern turbocharged engine of 1.3 liters R4 16V (70 hp, 180 Nm), and the 1.9-liter JTD turbo diesel began to develop 105 hp and 200 Nm. The equipment includes power steering, ABS, air conditioning and audio system with CD.

Appearance Doblo corresponds to the latest fashion trends. Impressive and impressive front gives the impression of power and energy. Modern headlights, V-shaped grille give the car an elegant look. The design of the rear is filled with innovative features: two-color rear lamp lenses, a new rear bumper with wide sidebands, providing additional protection.

Doblo impresses with its comfort, maneuverability, a spacious cargo compartment, an abundance of options and a high level of security. Combining elements of a minivan and a commercial van, the Doblo is equally ideal for both families and budding businessmen. Modern design and color solutions, high-quality trim make the Doblo a car that attracts the eye.

High body (1800 mm) and sliding side doors provide maximum capacity and ease of landing. And thanks to excellent visibility and excellent handling, the driver can always control the situation on the road. The two-color instrument panel, the shift knob on the center console and ergonomic seats provide maximum comfort and safety for the driver and passengers.

Bulky cargo is not a problem for Doblo Cargo. None of the cars in this class has more capacity and carrying capacity. Wide sliding side and rear hinged doors provide access to the cargo compartment from almost all sides, which greatly facilitates and speeds up the process of loading and unloading. In the normal state, its volume is 750 liters, and if you fold the rear seats, the luggage compartment volume rises to 3000 liters.

The latest generation of Doblo has also received a version with an extended wheelbase, known as the MAXI, which is 38 cm longer than normal. The maximum load of such a car is 850 kg with the driver. Another version - 5-seater Combi. All versions are available in 12 colors, 8 of which are metallic, and with a wide list of basic and optional equipment, including a Bluetooth system and a satellite anti-theft system.

The upgraded version of Fiat Doblo, the production of which will begin in Russia, was recognized as the best light commercial vehicle of the year - 2006 (Van of the Year 2006). The jury highlighted Fiat Doblo Cargo's advantages such as the largest loading space in the class, high payload, comfort, ergonomics, as well as high-performance power plants and advanced functionality.

OAO Severstal-Avto has signed a license agreement with Fiat Aut to issue Doblo in Russia. Production of this model will begin in 2007 at the facilities of JSC "ZMA".

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