Fiat croma

Fiat Croma debuted in the mid-80s.

FIAT Croma II 1.9 Multijet TEST

Practical five-door body, combining impressive external dimensions and large interior space, buyers appreciated. The line of power units of the first years of release consisted of: 1.6 liter gasoline engines (83 hp), 2.0 liter (90/120/115/155/150 hp), 2.5 l diesel (75 l . s.) and turbo diesel 2.45 l (100 hp).

Fiat Croma 1986

In 1988, after the new Fiat - Termoli 3 plant was commissioned, equipped with the most modern equipment, the Croma range was expanded. The car began to equip with a 2000 cm³ turbo diesel engine (92 hp), with a direct fuel injection system (a prototype of the common rail system) and Croma made history as the first production car equipped with such an engine.

In May 1989, there was a modification of the body, interior and engines. Modified engines: petrol 1.6 liter (85 hp), 2.0 liter (100/120/115/158/150 hp), 2.5 liter turbo diesel (118 hp). Then in January 1991, a 1.9 VNT-Turbo turbo diesel engine (94 hp) appeared. In December 1992 - the gasoline engine 2.0 liters 16 cl. (140 hp). In early 1993 - 2.5 liter gasoline engine 16 cl. (162 hp).

Since 1994, following the requirements of the time, Fiat Croma was equipped with an airbag for the driver. In 1996, the release of Croma was discontinued. The first generation sold around the world with a circulation of 450 thousand copies.

At the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2005, the Italian concern introduced a new generation of the Croma model. Almost 10 years later, after the previous generation of this car was discontinued, the Fiat brand returned to the European segment E. The Croma II has all the qualities necessary to continue the glorious traditions of the ancestors.

Fiat Croma 1991

The car is designed on the shortened base of the Opel Signum platform, it is a mid-size station wagon with a wheelbase (2700 mm versus 2830 mm for the Signum), a shortened rear overhang, a McPherson front suspension and a rear multi-link suspension. The length of the car is 4.75 meters, width - 1.77 meters, height 1.6 meters. The design of the revived Croma belongs to the famous atelier Giugiaro, which has always been associated with the words quality and impeccable style.

Designers managed to find a very fine line between simplicity and elegance. From all angles, the car looks harmoniously - smooth lines, simple and concise lines, beautiful lighting. The impressive full face has good aerodynamic properties. Spectacular headlights, located at an angle, a large chrome grille, sloping down the rear pillar - create a unique dynamic and expressive look of this model. Croma - the personification of the Italians unlimited love for beauty and comfort. The level of ergonomics, electronics and safety of this car meets the requirements of the most demanding customer.

Thanks to a number of innovations, the size of the cabin was significantly expanded. The car is distinguished by a low floor and high doorways. He comfortably accommodate five people. According to the spaciousness of the cabin, the space above the heads of passengers and the distance between the seats, Croma sets the tone for its class.

Fiat Croma 2005

The rear seats slightly raised in relation to the front, which allowed to add more space for the legs. Plus, the seats are transformable, they consist of two parts, which can not only be folded, but also moved independently from each other back and forth.

In addition to the space in the trunk, which was originally given, you can get a lot more useful space if you fold the back row seats. presenting a review at FIAT CROMA II GEN

The luggage compartment provides a lot of convenient fixtures for mounting various items. For more convenience, the luggage compartment is divided into separate modules.

Like all new Fiat, Croma features a very rich equipment, even in the basic configuration, including seven airbags, ABS, ESP. Internal equipment at a decent level. In the complete sets you can find such instances of modern progress as air conditioning, spherical side mirrors, xenon headlights, cruise control, nine airbags, a music system with 8 speakers and a subwoofer, and much more.

Gamma of engines: petrol 1.8 liter R4 16V (130 hp); 2.2 liter R4 16V (150 hp); three Multijet turbo diesel - 1.9 L R4 8V (120 hp, 280 Nm), 1.9 L R4 16V (150 hp, 320 Nm) and flagship 2.4 L R5 20V (200 hp ., 400 Nm). For petrol engines, a 5-speed “mechanics” and an optional 5-speed “automatic” for the Croma 2.2 are designed, and the turbo diesel versions (it is on them the main rate) are equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox (in the base for 1.9 l) or 6 -step "automatic" (optional for 1.9 16V and standard for 2.4).

Fiat Croma 2008

The technical features of the Croma model allow you to drive briskly, so the protection of passengers should be at a height. During the EuroNCAP tests, the Italian creation received very good reviews and ratings from the judges. The frontal impact was estimated at 15 points (92% of all available points), and a side collision at 18 (97%). Fiat earned a new star 5 stars for the safety of adult passengers and 4 stars for protecting children. Thus, gaining 34 points, Fiat Croma was able to stand on a par with middle class luminaries such as the VW Passat and BMW 3-series.

In 2008, Croma was effectively restyled. The model has received a slightly updated appearance. Over the design of the exterior worked master Giugiaro. The most significant changes, which radically changed the perception of the model, are due to the fresh design of the front end. New headlights (can be xenon) removed the front end of the heaviness and made it more elegant. The front bumper of complex shape made the car more attractive. The sloping roofline, rear lights - as if "mounting brackets" the stern and sidewalls - everything is quite modern, and everything declares the dynamics and functionality of the car.

But the body shape has retained its former shape. As manufacturers say, such proportions in the car are needed for its functionality, spaciousness of the cabin and for a large trunk. In the 2008 Croma station wagon with a length of 4756 mm, the trunk volume is 500 liters and 1610 liters with the rear seats folded down.

Fiat Croma 2008

Croma is supplied to the Russian market with only one type of engine - a 4-cylinder 2.2-liter gasoline engine with 147 hp. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 10.9 seconds. Fuel consumption by passport data is 13.0 liters per 100 km in the city.

The high and bright interior is distinguished by a classic design with wooden inserts. Emotion has a dual-zone climate control, xenon color headlights, nine airbags, including a pillow for the driver's knees, cruise control and a giant glass roof hatch.

Croma received the highest rating of 5 stars in the EuroNCAP rating, as well as 4 stars in the same rating for the protection of children. However, in commercial terms, the model was unsuccessful: instead of the desired 5-6 thousand cars a year for all time, sold 1,368 cars. Therefore, in 2010, the company decided to abandon the production of Fiat Croma.

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