Fiat barchetta

The only open model of Fiat is now the roadster (in some countries, the spider is called) barchetta, first presented in the spring of 1995 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Top Gear Fiat barchetta contro mr2 e mx5

When Fiat started designing Barchetta, the instruction was simple: go back to the style of an open-body sports car from the 60s, using the advanced technologies of the 90s.

In 2003, the model was thoroughly modernized. The changes mainly affected the design. Thoroughly reworked front of the car, where a new bumper with stylish air intakes appeared, giving the new product a more aggressive look, a new modern lighting technology. In the rear of the body also made small changes, where a new bumper. All these modifications gave the Fiat Barchetta a modern and dynamic look.

Barchetta is based on Punto. Its name in Italian means "boat". The car is a joint development of Fiat and Pininfarina design studio.

The body is stylish and original. A long, as if “pop-up” front overhang and a wavy profile really resemble the outlines of the boat. Barchetta looks great with a rounded front, original tail lights and separate chrome exhaust pipes. The car is dynamic, elegant, friendly, and most importantly - front-wheel drive.

Separate words deserve the door handles. In the “traveling” position, the handle is hidden inside the door, but “jumps out” of it, just insert the key into the keyhole or press a button with your finger if the car is already open.

Fiat designers also worked on the Barchetta interior.

1998 Fiat Barchetta - Drive Home

The new design of the cabin is made in a more sporty style, which now uses better materials for the decoration of modern textures. In addition, the car is equipped with an advanced audio system with a CD player and music files in mp3 format with four speakers and a subwoofer.

Finishing is done with a bit of nostalgia for simple classic cars: a dashboard with white dials, hard plastic and a pile of bare metal painted in body color, short and tight gearbox moves, hard and low chairs. It all looks stylish. Plus Barchetta has a fairly spacious lounge for a double car.

In the role of the main driving force, only one engine - an atmospheric four-cylinder 1.8-liter with 131 horsepower. Acceleration to "hundreds" takes 8.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 200 km / h. By the way, the engine is located in front of the car.

Aerodynamics is great. Even at a speed of 120 km / h, headwind noise is not annoying. The roof is folded manually. By the way, the procedure of folding-folding is very simple (he released two levers under the ceiling in the cabin, shifted the roof with an accordion, opened the box behind the rear seats, folded the roof, closed the box) and after a short workout will not take much time.

Standard colors of the model are black and red. Broom Yellow and four metallic options are available as options: Elisir Blue, Club Green, Saturn Blue and Shiny Gray, as well as air conditioning, light alloy wheels and deflectors.

The basic equipment includes: power steering, anti-roll bars, airbags for the driver and passenger, disc brakes on all wheels and a fire-prevention system Fiat, 15-inch alloy wheels, ABS.

In addition to the basic version, the model barchetta Adria with 16-inch wheels, an expensive 80-watt audio system with a changer and separate climate control.

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