Fiat 127

The Fiat 127 was produced by the Italian company Fiat from 1971 to 1983.

Fiat 127 sport 70hp * sound *

This model replaced the outdated, at that time, Fiat 850, whose production ceased in 1973. The Fiat 127 is a compact car that was introduced in two body styles: a 2-door sedan and a 3-door hatchback.

The car was equipped with a Fiat 127 4-cylinder engine volume of 0.903 liters, which was located transversely in front. The model also had a drive on the front wheels. This combination was first used by the Italian company in the model Fiat 128. The features of the model Fiat 127 include a unique transverse rear suspension with leaf springs. The 127th model was also noted for its capacity, since 80% of the car’s space was available for passengers and baggage. As a result, in 1972, the car receives the title of "European Car of the Year" and becomes one of the best-selling cars in Europe for several years.

In 1977, the second series (Series II) of the Fiat 127 model was released. The car received some external changes to the front and rear parts of the body, as well as the rear window increased. For the updated Fiat 127, a new 1.05 liter engine with 49 hp was proposed. and 69 hp ..

1981 Fiat 127 MkII Restoration Project

Also in this series became available and 5-door version of the car.

Recent updates have affected the Fiat 127 in 1982, which marked the appearance of the third series (Series III) of this model. Changes once again affected the front and rear of the car, refreshing the appearance of the car. When designing the back of the designers were based on released by the time the model Fiat Ritmo. Also for the car was given a new version of the 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 1.3 liters, whose capacity was 74 hp. The interior of the Fiat 127 was also redesigned. The third series was put into production in Italy in January 1982, and soon reached other European countries.

In January 1983, in connection with the advent of the new model called the Fiat Uno, production of the Fiat 127 was almost everywhere discontinued. However, the release of Fiat 127 in South America continued until 1995, and the import of these cars to Europe continued until 1987.

It is worth noting that a similar model under the Fiat license was also produced by the Spanish company SEAT, which was named SEAT 127. It had a 4-door body and a unique 4-cylinder 127 OHV engine with a volume of 1.01 liters, unlike the power unit with a volume of 0.9 liters, which was installed on Fiat 127. When Fiat’s production license expired, some parts of the car were redesigned, and the name “SEAT 127” was replaced with “SEAT Fura Dos”.

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