Ferrari 575 m maranello

The Ferrari 575M Maranello is a Gran Turismo 2-door two-seater sports car that was launched by the Italian car company Ferrari in 2002.

Ferrari 575 M Maranello GTC: Burnout, Drifts, Ride, Startups Revs!

This sports car replaced the previously produced model Ferrari 550 Maranello.

The V12 engine for the Ferrari 575M Maranello was borrowed from the previous 550 Maranello model, but of course it didn’t go without changes. Its working volume was increased from 5.5 liters to 5.75 liters, which made it possible to increase its capacity by 30 hp. Now it was 515 hp. at 7520 rev / min (Ferrari 550 Maranello 485 hp at 7000 rev / min). However, the increase in power was not without changes with respect to compression - it was increased to 11.0: 1 and the reconfiguration of the Bosch Motronic engine management system.

As for the transmission, there were two options proposed. In the basic configuration, as befits such a class of car, installed 6-speed manual gearbox. But the option offered as an option is very pleased buyers. At the request of the client, the 6-speed transmission was equipped with electro-hydraulic clutch and the possibility of both automatic and semi-automatic gear changes. Such a system was similar to that used in Formula 1. By the way, the very gear shifting in semi-automatic mode was carried out with the help of gearshift paddles, which completely created the feeling that you were driving a racing car. It is worth noting that such a transmission was first proposed for the car class GT.

The performance characteristics of the Ferrari 575M Maranello sports car regarding the speed and acceleration dynamics also could not but rejoice. The maximum speed of the sports car was 327 km / h, which is 7 km / h more than its predecessor 550 Maranello.

Ferrari 575 Maranello

It was the first Ferrari car with a front engine, the maximum speed exceeding 200 miles per hour. Acceleration to 97 km / h with a standard manual transmission took 4.25 seconds, and with the installation of the F1 transmission, 0.5 seconds less.

As for the suspension, the sports car was equipped with an adaptive system that monitored the condition of the road and automatically changed the stiffness of the suspension. That is, if there are more irregularities on the road, the suspension, respectively, becomes softer and begins to “swallow” them.

The external differences 575M Maranello had not so much. The main changes include: updated front bumper and new xenon headlights with a surface around them in body color. As an option, 19-inch wheels were offered.

But in the interior of the car got a new one. The dashboard, door trim, as well as a tidier central tunnel - everything was designed anew. It is worth noting that buyers often altered many elements of the interior at will. So the most popular change was the replacement of standard seats for sports buckets with 4-point seat belts.

In 2004, the Ferrari 575M Maranello was offered with a special package of options and was called the 575 GTC. This package included: large ceramic brake discs (first used on Ferrari with an engine located at the front), a lower fit, improved steering and suspension, revised exhaust system, painted Brembo Carbon Ceramic brake calipers, 19-inch wheel Pirelli P Zero Corsa wheels and special tires.

In January 2005, the Ferrari 575M model was introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the release of which was very limited, in the body with an open top - Berlinetta (convertible). She called Ferrari 575M Superamerica. The car was equipped with a unique folding transparent hard-top with an electric drive, which seemed to lean back. Its uniqueness lay in the fact that, thanks to electrochromic technology, the transparency of the glass could be changed, thereby regulating the level of light coming into the cabin (5 shade options were available). Engine power, compared to the coupe version, increased to 540 hp. Both transmission options and the GTC options package were also available for the convertible.

In 2006, the production of the Ferrari 575M Maranello sports car (like the Ferrari 575M Superamerica) was discontinued, and a model called the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano took its place.

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