Ferrari 550 maranello

In 1996, the Ferrari 550 Maranello replaced the Testarossa model type F512M. The company took the path of unification and technical continuity, and therefore the new car is largely unified with the four-seater coupe 456 GT. The engine is also located at the front, and the six-speed gearbox is at the rear. The V12 engine with a collapse of the cylinder angle of 65 ° and a working volume of 5.5 liters has the same engine block, but its power is increased to 485 hp.

Europe’s most famous automotive design studio Pininfarina has given this model a shape that is more beautiful and more elegant than you can imagine. In other words: Ferrari buyers will not have to give many arguments in favor of their choice. The very name of this car alone prompts rich clients to reach for the checkbook. This car is a pink one, more precisely, a bright scarlet dream of almost any person who at least once in his life held on to the steering wheel, this is no longer a car, but a symbol of belonging to a certain class. Or lifestyle and state of mind.

The man, first appeared inside Ferrari, can comprehend a great disappointment, bordering on insanity. The fact is that the company has its own idea of ​​how a supercar should look inside. The interior of the Ferrari 550 Maranello is modesty, modesty and once again modesty. No precious wood, minimum metal parts in the finish.

Polished metal marked only those parts that actually suffer from excessive friction - the gearshift knob and pedals. In this case, however, the entire cabin is covered with black leather of the finest manufacture. In front of the driver, a tachometer, a speedometer and several round scales signaling the level of fuel, oil temperature, coolant, etc. The classic climate control panel and the original switch block above it fit neatly into the more than modest interior. But how stylishly framed luggage shelf behind the seats. A medium-sized suitcase clings onto it, which is fixed by a pair of black belts with large metal buckles.

Already the first revolutions of the crankshaft immediately after starting the engine make us recall that there are a dozen cylinders under the bonnet and a power of 485 hp. Coupling is extremely rigid. In order to squeeze it you need to make a big effort. In dense urban traffic, driving is not easy. In order to completely disconnect from reality and fully enjoy the power over such a machine, it is necessary to ride it only on the highway.

Before launching into production, the Ferrari 550 Maranello had previously undergone serious tests on the Formula 1 racetrack. The engine was also developed and developed in accordance with the requirements of the races in the Gran Turismo category: it uses electronic variable fuel injection, hydraulic valves and variable inverse exhaust system.

The maximum speed of 550 is 320 km / h, but there is nothing to be afraid of; four disc brakes with ABS provide braking, which is more difficult to imagine.

This car should be treated as a work of art. Ferrari 550 Maranello is akin to a Chinese vase of the Qin dynasty or the original of Pablo Picasso - it’s good to show friends and admire in times of emotional distress and life's doubts.

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