Ferrari 456


The Ferrari 456 is a Gran Turismo sports car with an engine located at the front and a 2 + 2 landing scheme, which was first introduced by the Italian car company Ferrari in 1992 at the Paris Motor Show. Over the design of the 456th model worked body studio Pininfarina. During the production of the Ferrari 456, two variations were available under the name GT and (since 1996) GTA. Differences in the name were associated with the installed transmission. GT models were equipped with a 6-speed manual gearbox, and GTA versions that appeared later were already offered with a 4-speed automatic transmission. Note that the transmission was installed on the model 456 according to the Transaxle scheme, which made it possible to achieve almost perfect weight distribution. This scheme was that the gearbox was located not at the engine, but directly connected to the rear gearbox.

Under the hood of the Ferrari 456 model was a 5.5 liter V12 engine with a capacity of 436 hp. The power unit was 48-valve and was equipped with a Bosch Motronic 2.7 control system. The basis for the design of the engine for the 456 was the Dino V6 engine, which was used in models like the Ferrari 412 and Daytona. "Flaming heart" Ferrari 456 allowed to accelerate the sports car weighing 1690 kg with four passengers on board up to 301 km / h, which made this car the fastest serial passenger car. Acceleration to 100 km / h took only 5.1 seconds for the coupe. The engine also caused the appearance of the numbers 456 in the title - it was the volume of the cylinders of the power unit.

The car body panels were made of aluminum, which were fastened to the steel chassis using a special technology, which consisted in melting aluminum and steel parts (like a sandwich, aluminum elements were inserted between the steel parts at the attachment points, which then allowed them to be welded together).

During the release of the 456th model, three special versions of this car were created. These include the Ferrari 456 GT Sedan 4-door sedan, a wagon called the Ferrari 456 GT Venice and a convertible called the Ferrari 456 GT Spyder. The model in the 4-door body was released by Pininfarina on the order of the Sultan of Brunei as well as the model 456 GT Spyder. The wagon version was a special order from the Prince of Brunei - Jeffrey. Total Ferrari 456 GT Venice was ordered seven copies, but during the design and production of the prince decided to purchase only six.

In 1998, in place of the previously manufactured Ferrari 456, comes an updated version called Ferrari 456 M, which was produced until 2003.

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