Ferrari 348

The Ferrari 348 is a 2-seater rear-wheel drive sports car that was produced by the Italian car company Ferrari from 1989 to 1994. The predecessor of this model is the Ferrari 328, which was discontinued in 1989. Over the design of the Ferrari 348 worked Italian bodybuilding studio Pininfarina.

Initially, the Ferrari 348 sports car was offered in two body styles: the Berlinetta coupe (Ferrari 348 TB) and the targa roof version (Ferrari 348 TS). The cars were equipped with a 3.4-liter V8 engine, which was borrowed from the model 288 GTO. Engine power was 300 hp The power unit was located longitudinally, and to it was attached, already transversely located, 5-speed manual gearbox. Such a scheme was before the Ferrari Mondial t, many components, which were also used in the 348th. It is worth noting that in order to prevent "oil starvation" at high speeds and sharp turns, a dry sump lubrication system was used. The maximum speed of the car was 275 km / h, and acceleration to 100 km / h took only 5.3 seconds.

To help the driver manage the sports car, systems such as ABS and Traction control were installed. Also, the car was equipped with an engine starting control system. As for the cabin, there was installed air conditioning system.

Like the Ferrari Testarossa, the cooling radiators were installed not at the front of the car, but at the sides, which made the waist a little wider. But such an arrangement made it possible to get rid of the problem of heating the cabin, since now no hot liquid pipes passed through it. The side effects include the fact that the doors have become quite thick.

In 1993, the model Ferrari 348 has undergone some changes. Engine power has been increased to 320 hp. at 7800 rpm The car has become wider by one inch due to additional struts. The lower part of the car is now painted in body color (formerly black). The suspension geometry has also undergone changes, which made it possible to increase the controllability of the sports car. The updated model was named 348 GTB and GTS, instead of TB and TS, respectively. In the same year there is a version in the body of a convertible called the Ferrari 348 Spider. Acceleration of the updated versions to 100 km / h took 5 seconds. The maximum speed remained the same (275 km / h).

In 1994, together with Michelotto, racing versions of the 348th model, called the 348 GTC (GT Competizione), were released. Their power varied from 360 hp up to 500 hp. Racing models got front and rear bumpers made of Kevlar, seats and door panels. Several Ferrari GTC cars were sold in Europe for civilian use.

In 1994, the production of the Ferrari 348 model was discontinued.

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