Ferrari 330

Running Errands in a Ferrari 330 P4 RCR- Race Car on the steet.

The Ferrari 330 series is a whole line of sports cars with engines located in front, the first model of which was first introduced by the Italian car company Ferrari in 1963. This sports car replaced the previously produced model called Ferrari 250 and was called Ferrari 330 America. At its core, it was all the same Ferrari 250 GT / E car, but with a large engine, namely, a 4.0-liter power unit was located under the bonnet, whose power was 300 hp. at 6,600 rpm. Only 50 copies of the Ferrari 330 America were released.

In January 1964, the Ferrari 330 America is replaced by a new version called the Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2. And then there was no cost just installing a 4-liter engine. And the appearance and technical equipment of the car have been updated. The exterior of the sports car received, new sharper front and rear parts, new headlights and a wide grille. The wheelbase of the 330 GT 2 + 2 has become longer by 50 mm and is 2400 mm.

With regard to technical equipment, the car began to be equipped with new shock absorbers from Koni, the Dunlop double circulation brake system and disc brakes on all wheels, as well as the front and rear suspension were independent. Under the hood was located, as already mentioned above, 4-liter Tipo 209/66 V12 engine, whose power was 300 hp at 7000 rpm.

In 1965, the second version (Series II) Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2 appears. The car was equipped with the same engine as before, but instead of the previously used 4-speed gearbox, the sports car began to be equipped with a 5-speed transmission. The sports car could accelerate to 97 km / h in 6.5 seconds, and the maximum speed of the car was 243 km / h. During production, 1088 copies of the Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2 were collected. The Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2 was replaced by a sports car in 1967 called the Ferrari 365 GT 2 + 2.

In March 1966, at the Geneva Motor Show, the next 330th version, called the Ferrari 330 GTC, was presented in the berlinetta (coupe) body - it was a 2-seater coupe, which Pininfarina worked on the bodywork project. In the same year at the Paris Motor Show was presented version of the Ferrari 330 GTS in the back spyder (convertible). Both versions were similar to the Ferrari 275 model and had the same wheelbase, as well as borrowed and independent rear suspension. Their production continued until 1968, when they were replaced by the Ferrari 365 GTC and GTS models, as well as the 365 GTB / 4 "Daytona". A total of 600 copies of the Ferrari 330 GTC model, and 100 copies of the 330 GTS model were collected.

It should be noted that in 1963, 4 copies of the 330th version were released under the name Ferrari 330 Le Mans Berlinetta (330 LMB). In essence, it was an upgraded version of the model 250 GTO with a 4-liter engine from the 330th series installed on it. Even outwardly, these models were quite similar.

Also in the mid-60s, four mid-engined race cars were created that used the same engines as the Ferrari 330, with the result that they were named 330 P / P2 / P3 / P4.

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