Ferrari 288 gto

The Ferrari 288 GTO is the LaFerrari of 1984

The Ferrari GTO (also known as the Ferrari 288 GTO) is a Gran Turismo two-seater sports car in the back of the Berlinetta (coupe), which was produced by the Italian car company Ferrari from 1984 to 1985. For the first time this sport car was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in February 1984, where it became a real sensation.

In the Ferrari 288 GTO perfectly combined sports appearance, the best dynamic performance among road cars Ferrari and the comfort of a two-seater. The car itself was built on the basis of the model Ferrari 308 GTB. The design of the exterior of these sports cars worked Italian company Pininfarina, which, in fact, explains some of the similarities with the legendary model F40, which will be released a little later (in 1987).

The interior of the sports car was traditionally decorated for Ferrari of those years. Inside were two deep leather chairs. Hardly had time to sit down in the car, the hand involuntarily lay down on the round knob of a high thin rod of the gear lever, which moves along three parallel grooves in the floor tunnel. Attract attention and additional sensors, made in the center of the upholstered velor front panel. The speedometer, marked up to 320 km / h, and the boost pressure sensor clearly indicated that a rather serious power unit was located behind the driver’s back. And indeed the V8 engine with a volume of 2.8 liters produced a power equal to 400 hp. The power unit was equipped with two compact turbochargers and an integrated electronic control system that was tested on Ferrari racing cars. Note that according to the FIA ​​rules, when using turbocharging, the engine displacement was multiplied by a factor of 1.4, therefore, according to these rules, the volume of the power unit of the Ferrari 288 GTO was taken as 4.0 liters. This engine allowed the sports car to accelerate to 97 km / h in just four seconds, and its maximum speed was 306 km / h. The power unit was also quite good at low speeds and allowed at 1500 rpm. go quietly in third gear, and at 2000 rpm - in fifth.

Ferrari also released five racing copies of the 288 GTO called Evoluzione (to participate in the rally), which had a more aggressive appearance with improved aerodynamic performance. It was also increased by the engine power, which initially was 650 hp, but in 1986 it was reduced to 450 hp. after the "Group B" rally cars disappeared. It is worth noting that these models had especially well traced exterior elements similar to the Ferrari F40 car.

In 1985, the release of the Ferrari 288 GTO model was completed. For all the production time, 277 cars were assembled.

In 2004, the American magazine "Sports Car International" published a list of the best sports cars of the 80s, where the Ferrari 288 GTO sports car ranked second after the Porsche 959.

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