Faw jinn

The quintuple Chinese hatchback FAW Jinn first rolled off the assembly line in 2005.

FAW Jen.flv

The Chinese completely borrowed the car body from the 1999 Daihatsu Move Japanese model. The design was slightly modified - the front of the car received a semicircular grille and a plumper bumper. In addition, in the configuration "Lux" the car is belted with a silver plastic body kit with wheel arch extensions. Small changes are also observed in the design of the optics and interior design.

FAW Jinn

Jinn retained all the advantages of his predecessor: a large glass area, providing excellent visibility, short overhangs and high ground clearance (160 mm).

Salon Jinn offers four seats. The possibilities of its transformation, laid still by Daihatsu engineers, are impressive. First of all, comfort for the rear passengers.

FAW Jinn Auto-Moto

They have the ability to push each of the seats back and individually adjust the backrest angle. True, such benefits are only starting with the configuration "Comfort", and in the basic "Smart" - a one-piece sofa.

Landing behind the wheel high. The spaces above the heads of those sitting in front and behind are abundant. Steering, unfortunately, devoid of adjustments, both on the flight and on the slope. The instrument panel is devoid of large dials. The tachometer is made in the form of an "electronic curve", and the speedometer is a running figure.

With modest car dimensions, the Jinn's luggage compartment volume, as a result of the transformation, grows from the standard 233 liters to 1,300 (when loaded to the roof level).

Under the hood, borrowed from "Toyota" 4-cylinder engine of 1.1 liters capacity of 53 hp.

For safety of the driver and passengers in case of emergency collisions, the engine mount and steering column are equipped with an energy absorbing structure. Unfortunately, even the rear seat belts are not included in the basic package, and the list of additional elements is huge - airbags, air conditioning, electronic dashboard, leather upholstery or leatherette, etc.

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