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Regular Car Reviews: 2009 Dodge Nitro SLT

Nitro was first introduced as a concept car at the February Chicago Auto Show in 2005. The car was created on the Jeep Cherokee / Liberty platform, it is notable for its expressive, even somewhat brutal design, sporty characteristics, it has a high level of safety and flexibility in the transformation of useful space. The model performs in the mid-size SUV segment.

The model is obliged to the monumental appearance by several elements: the Dodge brand lattice with a chrome cross, a voluminous emblem in the form of a ram’s head, large wheel arches, a solid body size and a highly raised belt line. In the same style made exterior mirrors and door handles. The front wings can boast small air intakes - a touch that adds to the overall image of the car even more impressive. Behind the car looks good, too, but not as bright as the front, nothing extra - an impressive fifth door and taillights. The wheels of the Dodge Nitro model are placed at the corners of the body, enhancing the visual image of the car and increasing its stability. “Shoe” car in chrome 16- or 17-inch wheels, and for the top model R / T are 20 inch.

In the cabin Dodge Nitro is very spacious, it comfortably accommodates the driver and four passengers. The height from the front seats to the ceiling is 1025.1 mm, from the rear seats to the ceiling - 1019.2 mm. The legroom of the driver and the front passenger is 1,036.4 mm, and for the rear passengers' feet - 984.5 mm. The space at shoulder level at the front is 1443 mm, at the rear - 1436 mm. The length of the American SUV is only 4584 mm. That is why the Nitro is quite modest for SUV trunk volume of 389 liters. When the rear seat back is folded forward, it increases to an impressive 1994 liters.

The interior is modern, simple, functional and has a peculiar style. The front seats have developed lateral support for comfort and safety. Behind the four-spoke steering wheel with leather trim (standard equipment for the SXT version) is the instrument panel. The entire signal and information garland of lights is reflected on the bottom of three wells, which form the instrument panel. Data on the current state of the car is read without difficulty. Yes, and visibility, thanks to the high landing, excellent. The scales are decorated using black, gray and white colors, and the orange-colored arrows create a sense of the accuracy of perception of the instrument readings.

The spacious interior has innovative features for handling cargo, easily converted according to the number of passengers and the nature of the luggage being transported. The backrest of the front passenger seat can be moved to a horizontal position, and the folding rear seat backrest in 60/40 proportion provides maximum opportunities for the transformation of the passenger compartment when transporting passengers and cargo. The center console provides space for handheld electronic organizers, mobile phones and coins. There are compartments for things in the linings of both front doors, and in the back of the driver’s seat there is a pocket for cards.

The seats can be ordered with upholstery type "YES Essentials", which is easy to use, has dust and dirt-repellent properties, does not trap germs, smells and does not fade.

Standard equipment versions of Dodge Nitro SXT and R / T include innovative equipment Load 'n Go, which is a retractable floor of the luggage compartment. The floor panel can be extended back 457 mm to ensure easy and convenient loading / unloading and can withstand loads up to 181 kg. As an option, you can order a folding table that hides in place of a retractable floor.

The car is offered in three different versions: basic SE, SLT and R / T. The first two are installed one power unit - petrol V-shaped "six" volume of 3.7 liters, 210 hp The SLT differs from the base Nitro in its richer equipment, trim (it has more chrome parts), as well as the standard 4-step automatic. In the initial configuration, the car is equipped with a 6-step "mechanics" and all-wheel drive system with a connected front axle. Versions with automatic transmission full drive constant.

A more powerful engine is installed on the Dodge Nitro R / T - its “six” of 4 liters develops already 258 hp. It works in tandem with a five-speed automatic transmission that allows for “manual” selection of gear ranges and work in fully automatic mode. This gearbox is offered only on the R / T, but a stiffer suspension and 20-inch aluminum wheels coated with chrome can also be ordered for the SLT version.

Versions are available with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel with a 177 hp common-rail system. Created by VM Motori for Dodge, this engine is a second-generation inline four-cylinder Panther CRD engine with two overhead camshafts with belt drive and four valves per cylinder. The cast-iron cylinder block of the open design with integrated sleeves is equipped with a ladder-type base.

This engine uses a Bosch EDC 16 common-rail fuel injection system with direct fuel injection, piezoelectric fuel injectors, an electronically controlled exhaust gas recirculation valve, and a turbine with variable nozzle geometry. On versions with a 2.8 liter CRD turbo diesel, a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission can be installed.

Powertrains of all versions of Dodge Nitro provide acceleration, good dynamic performance and performance of vibration and noise load.

The car has excellent driving characteristics and low fuel consumption, as well as equipment that provides a competitive level of safety and comfort.

Nitro has a range of active and passive safety systems and technologies that make the conditions of stay of the driver and passengers in the car more secure. Suspension and steering are optimized by standard active safety systems such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), dynamic stabilization system (ESP), emergency braking assistance (BAS), anti-skid system and Electronic Rollover Mitigation (ERM).

All Dodge Nitro cars are equipped with seat belts with pretensioners and coils with a constant belt tension force. In the SXT and R / T versions, Nitro cars are equipped with rear parking assistance sensors, which, using acoustic signals, inform the driver when they are approaching an obstacle while reversing.

All Dodge Nitro vehicles for non-North American markets are equipped with passive safety features including advanced multi-stage airbags, full-length side curtain airbags, a Sentry Key® engine immobilizer and a tire pressure monitoring system. pressure in each tire is below normal.

In Russia, Dodge Nitro is offered in two versions of SE, SXT in packages P1 and P2. Package P1 includes: front and rear floor mats, side mirrors with electric adjustment and heating, security alarm "Premium", full-size spare tire, body paint to choose from. The P2 package includes all the options of the P1 package, plus the optional equipment of the Convenience Group, which consists of fog lamps, 16x6.5 aluminum wheels, rear parking sensors, a radio with 6-disc CD changer and cruise control.

Nitro equipped with the most elementary all-wheel drive transmission - in standard mode, torque is transmitted only to the rear wheels, and if necessary, the driver can turn on all-wheel drive mode. There are no electronic interlocks (not to mention mechanical), there is no system for automatic connection of the front axle or reduction gear. That is why to consider the Nitro as a serious SUV is not worth it, although in the dirt this car feels pretty confident.

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