Dodge dakota

In 1986, the first-generation Dodge Dacota mid-sized pickups appeared, ten years later, the first Dodge Dacota of the second generation was released, superficially resembling the American Ram.

Common Dodge Dakota Problems

With his appearance, Dodge's position in the mid-size pickup segment has stabilized noticeably.

Models with the usual 2-3-seater cab are called Regular, and with an extended 5-6-seater - Club.

The modernization of the second generation held in 1999.

On the Dacota, two Magnus V8 engines were installed to choose from: 4.7 L (230 hp, 400 N • m) and 5.9 L (250 hp, 468 N • m). In addition, the proposed less powerful V6 working volume of 3.9 liters (175 hp, 305 N • m). With these engines are aggregated 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission with electronic control, and with a 4.7-liter engine also a new 5-speed automatic transmission, which can be installed on the Sport, Sport Plus, SLT and SLT versions Plus. Dodge Dacota load capacity, depending on the engine and the size of the platform is from 500 to 1200 kg.

A high level of equipment, a wide range of modern gasoline engines, cabs for every taste (in 1999, the Quad Cab with a double cab was added to single-cab and semi-cab cab versions), good controllability and smoothness ensured the car’s success. In 2003, monochrome door sills with aerodynamic effect, as well as all-wheel disc brakes with ABS, previously used only on the R / T sport version, became the biggest innovation on Dakota, as well as 16-inch alloy wheels became the basic equipment of all versions.

The 2005 Dodge Dakota took one of the leading positions in the mid-size pickup class. It is larger and more powerful not only the predecessor, but also all "classmates". The updated car is almost 10 cm longer than the previous model. Almost all of these centimeters went to the front, ensuring greater safety in frontal collisions. Bumpers are more protruding from the body, reducing the risk of damage during parking. Width increased by 7 cm, the weight of the car is 3200 kg, in fully equipped state - 5200 kg.

The pickup is offered in two versions: Dodge Dakota Club Cab and Dakota Quad Cab. Standard Dodge Dakota Club Cab is equipped with a cabin with two full doors and two "halves", opening against the movement. Four-door Dakota Quad Cab provides more space and comfort for passengers - by reducing the area of ​​the cargo platform.

The design of the car is a combination of power and maneuverability at the same time. The new model has an improved front and rear suspension.

1999 Dodge Dakota RT 5.9 Start Up, Custom Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

The radiator grille with Dodge brand crosshair is so massive that it seems to be carved from a single piece of metal. The bottom edge is recessed into the bumper, as if bent under its weight. The headlights are made in a more modern, technological style, and thanks to the large "turn signals" and "dimensions", decorated in a large round frame, it seems that the car lights its way with four headlights at once.

Having preserved the relief forms inherent in Dodge pickups, the designers have deprived them of their smoothness, "swelling." The clear outline of the grille continues in massive wings, sharp edges crashing into the body. Their clean, tense lines deliberately did not violate the bulges of the wheel arches.

The interior is built on pure geometric shapes, emphasizing the size of the cabin and build quality. The handles of the controls on the center console increased, and the graphics became simpler and clearer. The “blinds” of the holes close flush with the front panel, giving it a neater look. Dodge Dakota 2005 became the first representative of its class, for which the option of heated seats is available in the option of finishing the seats with regular textiles.

The new Dodge Dakota is equipped with 16-inch wheels, improved airbags, including side, and specially designed head restraints, providing maximum protection in the event of a collision.

The 2005 Dodge Dakota is the only compact pick-up in the United States equipped with an 8-cylinder V-twin engine. Powertrains boast power and excellent technical characteristics. Dodge Dakota is equipped with a 3.7-liter Magnum V6 with a capacity of 210 hp, a Magnum V8 with 4.7 (230 hp) and a new 4.7-liter High Output Magnum V8 (250 hp). Both V8 engines provide fuel savings of 3 and 4% higher than previous versions of the Dodge Dakota V8 engines.

Dodge Dakota received the highest award for the results of the frontal crash test - rating 5 * National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). Special frontal protection system ensures maximum safety for the driver and passengers. The powerful braking system allows you to achieve effective braking even on slippery roads. The new Dakota series standardly includes airbags for the driver and front-seat passenger. Additional side airbags are available in both trim levels - Quad Cab and Club Cab.

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