Derways cowboy

The Derways car company was founded in October 2002 in Cherkessk (Karachay-Cherkessia).

Russian Gelik (Derways Cowboy) - Short Review

In August 2003, the company launched the Derways-313104 Cowboy mid-size SUV with an original plastic-metal body on the Romanian ARO chassis with a domestic gasoline engine or a custom-made French diesel engine Peugeot. Later, Derways Cowboy began to be equipped with Chinese-made chassis (version 313101/313102/313105), and from the end of 2005, the company finally switched to assembling SUVs from Chinese car kits.

Derways cowboy

The 5-door, 5-seater station wagon is located on a spatial frame of rectangular tubes mounted on an imported frame chassis. Its dimensions are 4440/1830/1880 mm with a wheelbase of 2600 mm and a gauge of 1500/1500 mm. Curb weight of the car with a gasoline power plant - 1880 kg, with a diesel engine - 1815 kg; the maximum is 2600 kg and 2565 kg respectively. Luggage compartment volume 600 liters; with folded rear seats - 1600 l. The minimum ground clearance is 230 mm.

Exterior angular body made Togliatti designer Oleg Shapkin. Cowboy is quite comfortable, reliable and at the same time cheap and technologically advanced car in production. The hood, wheel arches, bumpers and internal door panels are made of plastic. Rear hinged door is double.

The level of trim Сowboy corresponds to other domestic models.

Derways Cowboy Auto-Moto

The instrument panel is equipped with a combination of instruments and a microclimate control unit of the VAZ-2110 type, as well as air intakes of the VAZ-2106 type. The basic package includes a height-adjustable steering column, a leather-sheathed VAZ-2110 steering wheel, power steering, power windows on all doors and electric exterior mirrors, central locking, heated front seats, removable sunroof, crankcase protection and razdatki, shockproof beam at the door, radio, audio system with four speakers and an antenna on the roof, fog lights in the front bumper, brake light repeater, etc.

Derways cowboy

On request, leather upholstery, air conditioning, dividing mesh in the cabin, alloy wheels, parking sensors, bumpers and mirrors in body color, metallic paint, railings, turnbuckle, kengurin with a platform, winch, TV-system, preheater, except In addition, in the trunk, you can install additional seats.

The engine is in front longitudinally. The base for Сowboy is a 2.7-liter ZMZ-409.10 R4 / DOHC4 gasoline engine (142 hp / 4400 rpm, 230 Nm / 3900 rpm) with a Romanian 5-speed manual gearbox, and as an option the turbo diesel Peugeot DW10TD (EUROIII) R4 / OHC2 (90 hp / 4000 rpm, 205 Nm / 1900 rpm) from the French INC. The latter option is not only better economical, but also pickup and high-torque. The maximum speed of the petrol version of the Cowboy reaches 140 km / h, diesel - 130 km / h.

Transmission all-wheel drive type part-time with a plug-in front axle and a dual-range multiplexer also made in Romania. The differential of the rear axle can be locked with a button on the console, but the freewheel in the front axle hubs are manually disabled.

The chassis is taken from the Romanian ARO 24 SUV. Independent spring-lever front suspension with anti-roll bar, rear - dependent spring. In general, the suspension provides a fairly confident movement at high speeds on the highway and noticeably more comfortable than the Uazovskaya, on dirt roads. The front brake disc, rear - drum. The standard tire size is 265 / 70R16.

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