Derways aurora

In the spring of 2006, Derways presented an SUV with the sonorous name Aurora (313150) at the international exhibition Car World 2006.

Offroad game Chelyabinsk Derways Aurora on Forward Safari 500, 03/30/2018

The pedigree of this model is closely related to the Celestial Empire - all components are fully supplied from China, while the factory in Karachay-Cherkessia has only a screwdriver assembly and painting. The car is a frame SUV with a wheel formula 4x4, designed for use in off-road conditions, and in urban environments. Externally, especially from the front, it resembles the Korean model of the first generation SsangYong Rexton. The exterior turned out to be quite good - the solid dimensions are complemented by quite modern stylistic solutions.

The interior of the Aurora, a large car in general, turned out unexpectedly cramped and unergonomic. Although passengers are not particularly discomfort and catastrophic shortage of living space will not be felt. Due to the limited adjustment ranges of both the seat and the steering column, finding a comfortable fit is difficult. Inside Aurora makes a pleasant impression. Everything is quite neat and reasonable. Despite the Chinese multicolor interior trim, the interior looks pretty nice. The center console looks stylish and is not overloaded with buttons.

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The trunk volume, moreover, is closed by a convenient horizontal curtain, but the back sofa folds only entirely.

Aurora is equipped with a 2.4 liter power unit Mitsubishi 4G64S4. and a power of 130 horsepower. Transmission - manual 5-speed. In China, selling modifications with a "automatic", a 2.2-liter gasoline engine or a 2.8-liter diesel engine, as well as with a drive only to the rear wheels.

As for the roadless qualities of Aurora, they can be assessed as easy off-road. In the absence of traditional for this "rogue" attributes of the design provides only the presence of a self-locking rear differential. There is no reduction transmission in the transmission - only a plug-in front axle. Unprotected exhaust system 250 mm from the ground makes caution on rough terrain.

The manufacturer offers a fairly rich basic equipment. The equipment includes parking sensors, fog lights, additional repeaters of turn signals on the rear-view mirrors, CD changer, central locking with remote control and leather interior. In addition to the airbag, there is climate control. Information about his work is displayed on the central display: set temperature, fan speed, air supply diagram.

The car is adapted for use in the climatic conditions of Russia, and optimally combines the price / quality ratio.

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