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Mini-SUV Daihatsu Terios was first introduced to the public in 1997 at the Geneva Motor Show.

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Translated from the Greek "terios" means "fulfillment of desire."

A similar production model of Toyota was produced under the name Cami, and since 2006 - Rush. In China, Terios is known as Huali Dario Terios, in Malaysia - Perodua Kembara, in Indonesia, the car was assembled under the name Daihatsu Taruna, which differs from the standard 1.5-liter R4 engine, as well as the presence of a modification with a third row of seats. In 2008, China started production of the Zoyte, which, despite some differences from Terios in the trim, engine and front end, is still a re-copy of Huali Dario Terios, previously produced by Anhui Anchi Motor.

The first generation Daihatsu Terios (J100G) was completed with a modified HC-EJ engine with a capacity of 1.3 liters and a capacity of 92 hp. from Daihatsu Sharade and permanent all-wheel drive. In addition to these cars, produced in the 5-door 5-seater version of the body, in 1998, production of another version was launched, called the Daihatsu Terios Kid, which has a shortened 5-door body and an engine capacity of 0.66 liters. Kid model was sold only in the domestic market of Japan. In total, there were 11 different configuration options for the first-generation Daihatsu Terios.

In 2000, production of the second-generation Terios J102G began; some modernization was carried out both the appearance and the internal structure of the machine. The black plastic horizontal grille has been replaced with a vertical one. More significant changes occurred in the cabin of the car. There are new dashboard, control panel stove and air conditioning, plastic pockets placed in the front doors. Buyers were offered a choice of 16 modifications of the car, differing in engine size, type of transmission and the presence or absence of all-wheel drive.

The dimensions of the car are 3845/1555/1695 mm with a wheelbase of 2420 mm and a track of 1315/1310 mm. The curb weight is 1125 kg, and the total weight is 1550 kg. Ground clearance - 190 mm.

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Trunk volume was 205 liters and 450 liters with the rear seat folded.

The driver is up to 185 cm due to the two adjustments of the seat quite comfortably behind the wheel, not counting some tightness in the shoulders, as a result of a narrow cabin, and a tight pedal assembly; The rear seat will fit only miniature passengers. The dashboard design is simple and informative, the materials are of high quality. High landing, short hood and wide mirrors provide good visibility.

The models were equipped with a 1.3-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve K3-VE engine with 86 hp DOHC gas distribution system. (6000 rpm) and with a torque of 120 Nm / 3200 rpm, as well as a K3-VET turbocharged engine with a power of 140 hp The car with an 86-horsepower engine accelerated to 100 km / h in 16.1 s, gained a maximum speed of 145 km / h and had an AI-95 gasoline consumption of 9.4 liters in the urban cycle and 6.8 liters on the highway. Turbocharged versions were equipped with aerodynamic body kit and had a lower landing.

The engines were aggregated with both a 5-speed manual gearbox and a 4-speed automatic. Permanent four-wheel drive - with the forced locking of the center differential without a dual range gear.

Type front suspension - wishbone, rear coil springs. Steering gear type-nut "with power. The front brake disc, rear - drum. Active safety system includes ABS and Brake Assist. Standard tire size 205 / 70R15 S.

In addition to all-wheel drive cars in the body J102G, produced only with rear-wheel drive (body J122G). In 2001, for Australia, a limited edition of 200 cars produced a sports version, differing from the standard presence of the hatch, rear spoiler, bumpers in body color and sports seats. In Germany and the Middle East, Daihatsu Terios left-hand drive was offered to customers.

The release of the third generation Daihatsu Terios began in 2006. The cars are sold under the names Daihatsu Terios (left hand drive option), Daihatsu Be-Go and right-hand drive Toyota Rush. It is possible to install a 1.5-liter engine, since 2007, the model is also equipped with a diesel engine.

Daihatsu Terios and its counterparts are deservedly popular with fans of this brand, as evidenced by the numerous clubs of lovers Terios, Be-Go, Cami and Rush around the world.

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