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ssangyong musso vs jeep grand cherokee

After Daewoo’s takeover of SsangYong by the end of 1997, it was decided to abandon the SsangYong brand in favor of Daewoo. Therefore, since the beginning of 1999, the Musso model (rhino) has been produced under the brand name Daewoo. Moreover, the design of the SUV was changed, the grille has been redone in accordance with the design of its own models of Daewoo. Structurally, no changes have been made.

In 2001, the model was upgraded. During this time, the exterior and lighting fixtures were changed several times, the block-lights from the usual rectangular became modern oval-slanting. The drag coefficient of the Cx was lowered to 0.42, which reduced fuel consumption and reduced noise at high speeds.

Since 2002, Musso Sports has been producing a double cab with a Musso Sports cab (in Korea - SUT).

Externally Musso noticeable car. The beveled line of the bonnet and the highly slanted optics bring an oriental accent to the look, and the “inflated” wings visually press the car to the road. A step on the lower edge of the glass in front of the middle pillar hides the transition from a licked front to a massive rear part, and thanks to the lighting unit in the form of a continuous strip along the ends of the rear wings and the fifth door, it seems that the car is much wider than it is tall. Small for an SUV ground clearance enhances the overall impression of stability and speed. When opening the doors, their large mass is felt, due to the powerful lateral protection beams.

The first impression of the interior - made with a claim to luxury. But in some places the decoration is not very high quality. Folding benches in the luggage compartment called the seats is very difficult.

Due to the low thresholds of landing in the car is very easy. The driver’s seat has two standard adjustments and is additionally sprung, and its stiffness can be changed. Well-developed lateral support of the back allows you to comfortably accommodate it. The presence of armrests for the driver and all passengers is already a good tone for SUVs. A large distance to the front seats and a low tunnel will allow all three passengers sitting behind to stretch their legs and sit with maximum amenities.

The steering column is adjustable tilt, but the most comfortable position of the steering wheel is achieved only at the lowest point. In this case, the wheel almost falls on his knees, and to get out of the car, the column has to be raised. The dashboard is well overlooked and very informative. In the center there is a large speedometer, to the right of it is a tachometer, to the left - two indicators: fuel level and coolant temperature. At the bottom of the panel - an indicator board.

Due to the high seating position of the driver and the sloping front of the Daewoo Musso, there is an excellent front view, and since the car is lower than many other SUVs and there is no spare wheel installed on the tailgate, you can control the situation on the road with the help of interior and side mirrors. The car does not respond to turning the key in the ignition. To enable the starter, it is necessary to squeeze the clutch - an unusual algorithm, designed to prevent unauthorized movement during the launch.

The car can be installed 5-cylinder diesel engine of 2.9 liters and a capacity of 99 liters. with., manufactured under license from Mercedes-Benz. Engine power is sufficient for confident, but slow acceleration. Those who want to quickly fit the petrol engine of 3.2 liters. Musso owes its outstanding power to this 24-valve straight six. The engine delivers 220 hp. and an excellent top speed of 180km / h. He quickly accelerates almost two-ton car.

In addition to the engine named, the car can be equipped with a 2.3 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine (80 hp.). The engine capacity of 2.9 and 3.2 liter is combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox or with a 4-speed automatic from Mercedes-Benz , and 2.3 liters - only with a manual transmission. The transfer box is manual, but with electric remote control. Unfortunately, Musso has only one downshift, and there are no locks at all. For the Russian market is a disadvantage. However, all vital units are located inside the frame, gas lines and brake hoses are securely fixed under the body, and in especially vulnerable places are covered with metal shields. The only exception is the spare wheel, located under the rear overhang, but it is fixed quite well, and it is difficult to damage it.

Power allows you to accurately meter the effort on the steering wheel and all the time to feel the car. In turn the car enters brilliantly. Due to the low center of gravity and the torsion bar suspension Musso as if falls front to the ground and draws an arc with compass accuracy. There is not even a hint of axle failure. The body at the same time rolls strongly enough - a payment for a soft suspension.

Brakes worthy. The SUV is slowing down quite effectively, the pedal has good informational content, providing stable feedback, and the ABS is activated at the right moment.

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