Daewoo matiz

In the 1980s, Suzuki sold the 1982 Alto sample to Koreans - as a result, the production of the Daewoo Tico began in 1988.

1999 Daewoo Matiz Review

The design of the Daewoo Tico seemed pretty successful to the Koreans. Therefore, when creating a new compact car, it was decided to save money and build a Matiz based on Tico. It is noteworthy that the design of Daewoo Matiz was invented by Italians from the ItalDesign studio, who first created this appearance for the new little Fiat, but then decided to give it to Daewoo.

Compact five-door Matiz, is moving exclusively in Western European countries, where there is a high demand for urban cars. This maneuverable and easy-to-manage model feels great in the dense stream of large cities. Matiz has good capacity for its class and comfort, as well as decent dynamic performance. The model was first introduced in 1998 in Geneva.

Daewoo Matiz for a long time was equipped with only a 3-cylinder engine of 0.8 liters (50 hp, 52 hp or 56 hp depending on the market), as well as a mechanical 5-speed transmission. Since the summer of 1999 began to be produced with an automatic transmission, including a continuously variable CVT and automatic clutch.

At the Paris Motor Show in October 2000, an updated version of the Daewoo Matiz was presented. This car is almost 10 cm taller and wider than its predecessor Daewoo Tico. The body of the model has a streamlined shape: a large rounded windshield, smoothly turning into a continuation of the bonnet, oval headlights, extended wheel arches.

The Matiz has a surprisingly spacious mini-salon. The interior is modest but pleasant. Very nice front panel, the original instrument cluster, however, everything is made of tough and inexpensive plastic.

Daewoo Matiz SE Plus Review - With Richard Hammond (2002)

The driver's seat has good ergonomics. A small steering wheel fits perfectly in the hands, a comfortable seat with a wide range of adjustments, all controls are available, instrument readings are easy to read, visibility forward, backward and through the rear-view mirrors are canceled. The cabin is isolated from engine noise.

The luggage compartment is only 165 liters, but it can be significantly increased by folding the rear seats.

In 2001, Daewoo Matiz began to make in Uzbekistan, and in 2002, the model was upgraded. In addition to slightly modified appearance Matiz II received a 4-cylinder engine with a volume of 1.0 liter.

The Matiz II is delivered to Russia in four versions - STD (basic version), DLX (improved version), Automatic with an automatic 4-speed gearbox (all with an engine of 0.8 liters R3 6V, developing 54 hp) and Best with 1 , 0-liter engine R4 8V (64 hp), rich basic equipment and silver bumpers.

Depending on the equipment level, the Matiz is equipped with power steering, air conditioning, catalytic converter, electric headlamp corrector, audio system with CD, central locking, roof bars, fog lights, alloy wheels, parking sensors, sunroof and other equipment.

The body is designed in such a way as to achieve minimum crumple zones when damaged, which is achieved by a reinforced roof and power beams built into the doors, which prevent them from jamming and provide passengers with increased protection in the event of a side impact. In the event of overturning a car, a high-tech plastic fuel tank prevents leakage of fuel and its subsequent fire. Elements of active safety include: brakes, equipped with powerful 7-inch vacuum amplifiers, four-channel ABS and two airbags.

Daewoo Matiz is equipped with a gasoline three-cylinder 0.8 SOHC MPI engine with a fuel injection system that provides high power and fuel economy. An exhaust gas recirculation system is also installed on cars, which reduces fuel loss and contributes to less emission of harmful nitrogen oxide gas, as well as an EMS system controlled by an on-board computer.

At the end of 2004, General Motors, which acquired the Daewoo car division, decided to sell Korean cars under the Chevrolet brand in most world markets. This is how the Chevrolet Matiz appeared, which in some countries (including Russia), is known as the Chevrolet Spark. This car is equipped with an engine capacity of 0.8 liters. and 1.0 l. 52 hp and 66 hp respectively.

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