Daewoo magnus

The Magnus Sedan (in foreign markets Chevrolet Elanda) debuted in 2000.

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By Asian standards, the car is quite large, but for Daewoo it is not the flagship, because the Chairman has this honorable role. Translated from the Latin Magnus means "great." The model has a transverse engine and front-wheel drive.

As the engineers of Daewoo were not spoiled with financing, they had to go in an evolutionary way, that is, to improve the existing Leganza platform, given that the new car will be slightly larger in size. Styling was ordered to the famous studio ItalDesign.

Justifying its name, Magnus has impressive dimensions: from bumper to bumper - 4770 mm, width - 1815 mm, wheelbase - 2700 mm. The car turned out with a clear "American" bias. What it shows: a pompous grille is crowned with a bonnet decoration, the back end with large flat lamps and podshtampovka under the "short" number. The interior color scheme is again in the transatlantic style: light brown seats and a lot of plastic of the same shade.

And inside is really spacious - the feeling of freedom does not change either the front passengers or the rear passengers. Leather chairs, soft and comfortable, but do not indulge lateral support.

Bán DeaWoo Magnus 2003 (đki 2004) Giá 145tr Chạy Như Xe Tiền Tỷ LH 0968761984 - 01644476805 E Bảo

Seven adjustments of a driver's seat allow to pick up optimum comfortable position. The front panel of the cabin is made of polyurethane foam, the center console and doors are decorated with inserts "under the tree." The readings of the dials are well read. Very informative and display climate control. Not without a car and pleasant surprises. For example, a modest-looking CD player can work with MP3 discs.

In 2003, carried out upgrades. Magnus received a new grille, improved equipment and finishing materials. McPherson-type front suspension, rear multi-link independent.

Korean Magnus is offered domestically in versions L4, L6, L6 2.5, Eagle and Top Classic versions.

Gamma of engines - basic 2,0 l R4 8V (115 hp) for L4, 2,0 l R4 16V (130 hp) with a mechanical 5-speed gearbox or 4-step “automatic” ZF, as well as the forced version of this engine (142 hp) for the L6 and 2.5 liter V6 24 V (157 hp) for the versions L6 2.5, Eagle and Classic, on which only the “automatic” is installed.

Safety is provided by front and side airbags, as well as various types of seat belts.

Magnus is a reliable and beautiful car with good road performance.

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