Citroen xsara

Citroen Xsara - Dobry Francuski Samochód?

Debut Xsara held in 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The extravagant silhouette of this car is formed by a sloping roof, flattened rear part, flat and heavily dragged on the sides of the glass. For the 5-door version followed by options with bodies: 3-door hatchback, 4-door sedan, one-volume wagon.

The model has a spacious and comfortable lounge with five seats. By the way, the Xsara is one of the largest in its class. Therefore, even the rear passengers in the 3-door version will not feel slighted. The luggage compartment is 408 liters.

The dashboard is made according to the classical scheme and is quite laconic. In the center there is a tachometer and a speedometer, the color range of which is resolved in gray-white tones. Left and right - dial gauges fuel level and coolant temperature. Bottom on the speedometer - a liquid crystal display that combines the odometer and the current mileage counter. Light control and wipers - on the steering column switch. On the central panel rendered radio and controls ventilation and heating. Instrument readings are easy to read, even at the lowest position of the steering column.

Adjusting the front seats allow the driver and passenger with any body shape to find a comfortable position.

Even the basic version of the Xsara has good equipment: an airbag for the driver, an anti-theft device, and front electric windows.

The gamma of power units is represented by gasoline engines with a volume of 1.4 to 2.0 liters of front transverse arrangement with a capacity of 75-63 hp. and a 1.9-liter diesel engine in 68 or 90 hp. Along with the mechanical is offered a 4-speed automatic transmission. McPherson-type front suspension, rear axle on trailing arms, torsion bars and shock absorbers of almost horizontal position, freeing up space for the luggage compartment.

In 1998, released a 5-door wagon. A car with this variant of the body can be called a record holder in the size of the luggage compartment. With the rear seats folded down, the load space is 1.51 m3

In 2000, was restyled, which revived consumer interest in this model. And if, before face lifting, some skeptics accused Xsara of the unpretentious appearance, now everything has changed. Citroen, once again, confirmed the status of one of the most original automakers in the world. Even the most avid critics will not deny the aesthetics and originality of the updated Xsara.

First of all, the front part of the car was changed. New transparent deep headlamps with a multi-faceted surface have appeared. The exterior is complemented by a new bumper with integrated fog lamps and a chrome horizontal strip in the grille. A slight additional chrome trim appeared at the rear.

Sonho ou pesadelo? Citröen Xsara Picasso!

In the decoration of the interior now began to use more modern materials and aluminum. One of the advantages of Xsara is the excellent organization of the internal space. In the cabin there are many tanks for the necessary little things on the road. For example, a small compartment between the front seats or spacious "pockets" on the front doors (two on each of them).

On the center panel are located switches windows, buttons for heated seats and heated windshield. It is noteworthy that there are illuminated mirrors in both the driver’s visor and the front passenger.

Important technical improvements. Widened the track front and rear wheels, which are now 15-inch.

The 1.6-liter 16-valve engine with 109 hp added to the line of existing engines, which provides the car with excellent dynamics.

In 2001, Xsara received another new engine - a 2-liter 110-horsepower diesel HDi with Common Rail fuel injection system.

The brakes are quite informative. Rear - disc, front - ventilated disc. Suspension moderately tough and energy-intensive, back, by the way, with thruster effect. What provides comfort and confidence on the road.

Do not forget the designers of Citroen and the safety of passengers. Powerful subframe reduces the risk of body deformation during collisions. Anti-lock system with electronic distribution of forces allows you to maintain confidence even in the most difficult driving situations. Plus two frontal airbags - with two levels of response. All the seats are equipped with three-point seat belts. Two ISOFIX mounts for fixing child seats, located in the back seat, ensure optimum child safety. Special attention deserves a special parking system, which facilitates maneuvering in a confined space. Radiating and receiving reflected signals, she "sees" all the obstacles that are behind the car.

Xsara is a great modern car for practical people. Reliable, economical and unusual.

The fact that Xsara represents Citroen at rally races is also remarkable.

In 2004, the Citroen C4 replaced the Xsara.

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