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Citroen XM appeared in March 1989. Replaced a well-deserved in all articles model CX. For ten years, he was the flagship of the company and was produced almost unchanged. This model represents the Citroen in the class of executive cars, but differs from competitors in unusual bodies for the upper class - the XM can be a hatchback or a station wagon.

Designed by Bertone. As a true Frenchman, XM is not without sophistication and sophistication. Narrow headlights, flat sides, wedge-shaped silhouette, broken profile and glazing, consisting of twelve planes, for that time it all looked shocking.

The interior is fully consistent with the appearance of the car. The presence of a single-spoke steering wheel as a proprietary feature of Citroen, where, by the way, were audio control buttons.

The combination of extended planes with right angles of the front panel, an abundance of inserts of precious wood. Upholstery from traditional materials - tapestry, velor and leather. Characterize the XM saloon as stylish, cozy, spacious, comfortable, with low noise. The seats are equipped with a large number of adjustments and effortlessly allow you to comfortably accommodate a passenger of any complexion. If we talk about the rear seats, then with maximum comfort there will be able to accommodate two passengers, but, and three, will not be closely.

In addition, the Citroen XM has an effective ventilation and air conditioning system, the presence of two on-board computers gives the driver full information on fuel consumption, mileage on the rest of gasoline, as well as all the faults in the test mode.

The car has a hydraulic suspension, which not only gives the car an amazing smoothness, but is also able to change the clearance from the driver’s seat, and on cars after 1994, the computer changes the clearance without human intervention, depending on driving conditions.

Hydraulic suspension changes the amount of ground clearance, setting the car body in one of four positions, including the position for driving on country roads and the extreme upper position - for maintenance and repair. The hydraulic system, in addition to the suspension also includes brakes and steering.

Initially, the car was offered only in two versions: with a 3-liter V6 engine with a power of 170 hp, and also with a 2.0-liter 122-strong "four" for the basic version. A year after the start of production, the XM offered a new, even more powerful V6 engine - with four valves per cylinder. He developed a power of 200 hp. At the same time, a diesel engine appeared: a 12-valve 2.1-liter (145-strong turbodiesel version was introduced only in 1994).

Citroen XM V6 Road Test - Power, Drama, Technology.

The automatic transmission was installed on all models, except for those equipped with an 83-horsepower XUD11A / L gasoline engine (until 1997) and a 129-horsepower turbo diesel engine, produced since 1995. In the standard, all without exception Citroen XM equip 5-speed manual gearbox.

In 1991, the Break wagon appears - a five-door car with a huge trunk. It turned out 25 cm longer than the hatchback and has a length of almost 5 meters. The volume of the luggage compartment is 750 liters, if you fold the rear backrests of the second row of seats, the effective area will increase to 1960 liters.

In 1994, the XM family was upgraded. Minor changes were made to the bumpers, mirrors, a new steering wheel with an air bag, a more sophisticated hydropneumatic suspension, the Hydractive II, and a new six-cylinder 3-liter engine with a capacity of 167 hp appeared.

The exterior mirror housings were made to match the body and acquired a slightly different configuration. Modern design received front dashboard and center console.

A year later, they replaced the base “four” instead of the 122-horsepower engine and offered a 16-valve 132-horsepower. And after him - a new turbodiesel, a volume of 2.5 liters and a capacity of 129 hp. As a luxury car, the XM has a fairly rich basic equipment: various types of electric drives, air conditioning, ABS, etc.

Over the history of production, the Citroen XM has received many awards including: in 1990, the Car of the Year, the most popular imported car in Germany in 1991, and 14 more national and international awards.

The release of the Citroen XM was discontinued in 2001, when it was replaced by a less class model - the Citroen C5.

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