Citroen cx

1987 Citroën CX 25 TRD Turbo 2

Citroen CX first appeared before the public at the 1974 Paris Motor Show. Then two models were presented to the public: the CX 2000 with an engine capacity of 1985 cm³ and the CX 2200 with an engine capacity of 2175 cm³. New items are appreciated, as a result, the serial release of the CX begins. Initially, the models were proposed: CX 2000 Berline, CX 2000 Economique Berline, equipped with a transmission with more “long” gears and CX 2200 Berline Club.

Even today, the CX body looks modern, both visually and constructively: a transversely located engine, front drive wheels, an independent hydropneumatic suspension of all wheels, a long base, a wide track, a 6-window body. Distinguishes Citroen CX from other cars that are in the upper part of the middle class, excellent comfort wheel suspension and a nice spacious interior. Like other cars with a long base and broad gauge, the Citroen CX has excellent longitudinal and lateral stability. In addition, like other front wheel drive cars, it is insensitive to side wind.

Inherited from its predecessor, the SM received the Varipower steering system (later known as the Diravi).

Already in 1975, CX gets the title "Car of the Year."

In 1976, a number of options for the CX 2200 model was added to the semi-automatic 3-speed gearbox (C matic). A new diesel engine, the CX 2200 Diesel, has been added to the lineup of power units.

In the same year saw the light of the model CX 2400 Prestige - with an elongated base and a higher body. The Break estate Universal came in two trim levels: Comfort and Super. Three engines were offered to him: petrol 2000, 2200 or diesel 2.2 D liters. Citroen positioned it as a high-capacity family car.

In 1977, an injection (M23, L-Jetronic) 2.4-liter engine appeared, which is installed on the CX Berline Gti. The CX 2400 comes to replace the CX2200 model. A year later, the M23 engine is also starting to be installed on the Pallas and Prestige models.

In 1979, the first CX 2500 Diesel with an atmospheric 2.5-liter diesel engine appeared. At the same time, the CX 2000 is replaced by the Reflex and Athena models. They install a new gasoline engine of 1 995 cm ³. As an option for these models offer a 5-speed gearbox.

Driving the 1985 Citroen CX POV

Fully automatic automatic gearboxes are available for the Pallas and Prestige models.

In 1982, they made the first restyling - all Citroen CX models are completed with wider front wings - to install wider rubber, which makes it possible to unlock the potential of more powerful injection engines. From sales disappear carburetor CX 2400.

In 1983, the models were renamed - the Reflex became the CX 20, the Athena - the CX 20 TRE, the CX 2500 Diesel Reflex became the CX 25 D, and the CX 2400 Injection Pallas - the CX Pallas IE.

In 1984, a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel was installed on the CX 25 D, while the model itself was called the CX 25 RD Turbo or TRD Turbo (DTR in English speaking countries), the old engines of 2400 cm3 were replaced by 2.5 liters. Replaced Break comes CX Evasion.

In 1985, three new versions came into production: the CX 25 RI, the CX 25 GTi Turbo and the CX 25 Turbo Prestige. In the same year, Citroen showed experimental models with the ABS system.

In 1986, the second CX was restyled, unlike the first, it affected both the exterior and the interior of the models produced. There were plastic bumpers and a new dashboard, which retained the architecture of the old model, but at the same time it looked modern. The interior is quite stylish, in dark colors with aluminum inserts. The seats have excellent lateral support, have adjustments (back and forth, up and down). The wheel, according to the good tradition of Citroen, is single-ended, does not close the instruments, is extremely convenient. Visibility level.

It is noteworthy that in 1987 the millionth car was released from the CX series.

In 1989, Citroen introduced its new XM series car. CX starts to be produced less and less, in the end in January 1991, their release stops altogether.

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