Citroen c3 pluriel

Citroën C3 PLURIEL

It first appeared in the fall of 1999 in Frankfurt. For a long time it was exhibited as a concept car, and only in 2002 did Citroen present a production model in Paris. A pleasant surprise for connoisseurs of novelty in the automotive industry was the fact that the serial copy was not much different from the concept car.

In the normal version, the Citroen C3 Pluriel is a standard three-door hatchback with no central pillar. However, the uniqueness of its body lies in the fact that in seconds it can be upgraded to one of five possible modifications. For example, removing the back and front of the roof, which is easily removed in special niches in the floor, we get a convertible. But you can not stop at what has been accomplished, by dismantling the roof pillars, get a “spider”, and by folding the back side and folding the second row of seats - an open youth pickup.

Now I understand why the car was named Pluriel. Le pluriel in French means plural.

The car exists in two versions, differing only in power units. Accordingly, the engines for the C3 Pluriel are offered two to choose from:

- 1.4i has a capacity of 75 hp Designers managed to combine in it such qualities as acceleration, efficiency in operation, as well as a low level of emissions. It is aggregated with a manual transmission.

-1.6i 16V power 110 liters. with. The engine combines such qualities as moderate fuel consumption and a relatively low degree of exhaust. Serially equipped with a mechanical robotic gearbox SensoDrive.

This five-speed, electronically controlled gearbox provides excellent acceleration. Moreover, the transmission operates in both manual and automatic, adaptive mode. The choice of mode depends on the desire of the driver and traffic conditions.

Salon C3 Pluriel looks neat, solid and quite comfortable.

Citroen c3 pluriel

In the center console on top is a small display screen, which provides information about the outdoor temperature, time and operation of the radio, as well as unclosed doors. In the more expensive versions, navigation equipment can also be installed, the screen of which is combined with this one. Also for an additional fee you can order a cruise control and leather interior.

The luggage compartment is very small, and the rear seats cannot be comfortably accommodated, too little space.

A few words about the relationship with the progenitor C3. The front panel is identical to that of the C3. Despite its brevity, the dashboard carries all the necessary information. The dominant place is occupied by a large LCD speedometer. Just as on the C3, the usual classic dials with arrows are completely absent, and the tachometer is a thin strip curved in a semicircle.

Fully coincides with the C3 ergonomics driver's seat. Everything is at hand, affordable and convenient. The steering column is very informative. Despite the small class of the car, it, according to analogues for the "higher" classes, is a kind of adjustment center, where there was a place for adjustments to the cruise control system.

The security system at Pluriel is also not much different from C3. The car is equipped with ESP, ABS, electric power steering, 15-inch wheels on alloy wheels, four airbags (inflatable window curtains can be ordered), climate control, a CD tuner, a rain sensor, heated electric mirrors, adjustable in two planes of the steering wheel and parking sensors.

Plus, the C3 Pluriel belongs to the safest cars in its category, which is confirmed by the results of the EuroNCAP test (4 stars).

But there are also differences, for example, a noticeably increased ground clearance and sports design doors: a handrail - a pipe, metal inserts, rough plastic.

C3 Pluriel - is the result of the bold and avant-garde ideas of the French automaker. Originality and creativity have left no room for rationality and practicality. The design of the car is different French charm. Funny hunchbacked profile, deliberately "licked" body shapes and "look" of playful headlights - all this together is a "toy" for liberated originals. This is a very beautiful, stylish and cheerful car.

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