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At the end of 2004, information about the cooperation of the French concern PSA and Japanese Toyota for the production of a new subcompact car first appeared. The result of cooperation was the birth of three cars at once - the Toyota Aygo, Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107. These three cars, in their essence, differ only in the design features of each specific brand.

Citroen C1 2005 year

February 28, 2005 the first cars came off the assembly line. Cars are manufactured in the Czech Republic, at a factory in the city of Kolin, whose capacities allow production of up to 100,000 vehicles of each brand per year.

Cars super-minivans always stand out for their bright design. C1 is no exception. The car is characterized by short overhangs, bulky bumpers with bulging shapes, which makes it even more attractive, at the same time demonstrating the strength and safety of the body. The C1 is distinguished by the original transparent tailgate and rear lights, as well as the completely unusual design of the rear doors that extend to the rear lights.

In the cabin in French soft seats, unusual, located on the sides of the center console rounds of control of air flow and temperature, playful "ball" of the speedometer, which rises and falls with the steering column. Beautiful and joyful. All switches are located in convenient places, and that is not unimportantly large. The numbers on the speedometer are also huge and they are clearly visible. Despite the small size of the car, it is very convenient to sit behind the wheel, but the steering wheel is adjustable only in height, and tall drivers may have problems with landing. A car for two passengers, they are quite comfortable and even spacious. There are headrests, which, in the absence of riders, are moving in the back of the seat, so as not to interfere with visibility. The trunk is very modest in size.

Liter three-cylinder 68-hp gasoline motor with variable valve timing (VVT-i) is manufactured at the new plant in Poland, built by Toyota. Five-speed gearboxes are also made there, including their robotic versions - M-MT (Multi-mode Manual Transmission). Toyotovskie suspension too: the front with minimal changes migrated from the Yaris car of the second generation (electric power steering from there), and the rear suspension was supposedly developed again, although outwardly it differs little from the one put on the new Yaris - semi-dependent, with V -shaped crossbar, with spaced springs and shock absorbers. Suspension generously ignores minor irregularities, but on short waves of asphalt ("washboard") begins a serious shaking.

The weight of the car is only 800 kg and the motor power of the car is more than enough, it accelerates briskly in the stream of cars and does not lag behind other road users. 

Summarizing everything written above, it is safe to say that the cooperation of the Japanese and the French was a success. The French took care of the design, and the Japanese created an excellent engine and suspension. Finally, French-style fans will be able to enjoy Japanese quality.

Citroen C1 2012

In 2009, held a restyled model. The car received minor external changes, the technical stuffing remained the same. Updated C1 has a different design of the front, in particular, a new bumper with air intake and new edging protivotumanok. Salon received new materials. In Europe, the new equipment has become available: a combined leather and Alcantara interior trim. The basic equipment offers air conditioning, a radio tape recorder, alloy wheels and leather-covered steering wheel and gear lever.

As for the technical stuffing, the car has become more economical and environmentally friendly. There are two engines to choose from: a 1.0-liter 68-strong or 1.4-liter turbodiesel with 55 hp.

In 2012, the most compact model Citroen refreshed a second time. The world premiere of the restyled C1 took place at the Brussels Motor Show (Brussels Motor Show) on January 10th. The car received a more daring appearance, new equipment, innovative technologies and a more economical engine. The main difference of the updated C1 2012 was a modified front with a completely new bumper, a new block of fog lights, in which vertical stripes of LED running lights appeared and a different design of the emblem (it was inscribed in a circle). Headlights remained the same, however, due to the fact that the hood has become a little shorter - their appearance seems refreshed, and the front bumper more massive. Also, the car got wheels with a modified design.

The basic 68-strong three-cylinder 1.0-liter engine became a bit more economical, the average consumption in the combined cycle was reduced to 4.3 liters per hundred kilometers (for cars with mechanics), and with a “robot” - about 4.5 l / 100 km . Emissions of harmful substances from a modernized engine are reduced to 99 g / km, which will exempt the owners of this car from road tax in Europe. The motor can be paired with a manual transmission or an automatic gearbox (Electronic Gearbox System), which can be electronically controlled by integrated steering wheel lobes. In addition, from now on, it will be possible to order the Citroen C1 2012 with a new 1.2-liter engine, issuing 86 hp

The interior of the EGS modification has received a new steering wheel with special control lobes, and a hatchback version with a manual gearbox will acquire a new lever for switching the stages. Another useful novelty was a multimedia disk audio system with an integrated Connecting Box (Bluetooth and USB interfaces).

Completely new generation C1 is expected in 2014.

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