Citroen c-zero

Nissan Leaf vs Citroen C-Zero vs Mitsubishi i-Miev review

C-Zero is a fully electric car from Citroen. It went on sale to the European market in 2010. By the way, this is the second electric car of the French company. He opened the line of electric cars Citroen Berlingo First Electrique.C-Zerodeveloped in collaboration with the corporation Mitsubishi Motors. As a result, the electric car is based on the Mitsubishi i-MiEV model, which also formed the basis for creating the Peugeot iOn.

Citroen C-Zero 2010

The car has the following overall characteristics: length - 348 cm, wheelbase - 255 cm, turning circle diameter - 900 cm, luggage capacity - 166 l. That allows you to safely classify cars to the A-class (very compact cars) according to the European classification. The compact hatchback is designed for landing four passengers.

Full electric technology is one of the solutions used to reduce fuel consumption, the level of harmful emissions, as well as greenhouse gas emissions. The car is driven by a 64-horsepower engine, whose maximum torque reaches 180 Nm. The electric motor draws energy from a set of lithium-ion batteries, which allows the model to move 130 km without recharging. The dynamics is impressive: a top speed of 130 km / h, a speed of 100 km / h occurs in 15.9 seconds.

According to the official press release of the French company, a full charge of batteries from a 220 V network will take 6 hours, and recharging through specialized machines that have one phase with a current of 125 A at 400 Volt allows you to charge the battery in just 30 minutes.

Citroen C-Zero

The electric motor has the highest possible thrust immediately after starting the engine, which means that there is no need for a gearbox. Because of this, the C-Zero electric vehicle has a specially built-in demultiplicator and the usual differential. Units are installed behind the car close to the electric motor.

C-Zero is very easy to use: just turn the ignition key until a sound signal appears, see the “READY” inscription on the screen in green and bring the speed lever, resembling an automatic transmission selector, to the only possible driving position.

The on-board computer, in addition to the traditional sensors, is equipped with a device, the arrow of which, when the engine starts, indicates the operating mode of the battery:

  1. the arrow in the blue zone indicates the need for recharging
  2. a light green zone indicates drive economy
  3. the white zone corresponds to the driving mode in which the machine consumes an increased amount of energy

Citroen C-Zero

The battery status indicator replaces the traditional fuel gauge. He warns the driver of the approaching battery level to a minimum. Soon after that, some modes of operation become unavailable, after some time there is a restriction on the use of the full power of the motor in order to increase the power reserve for the remaining charge.

C-Zero is equipped with a system that saves energy during braking and deceleration, at which time the battery is recharged. The more the driver presses on the brake pedal, the more energy goes into the battery. Also, charging power sources occurs while driving, while the accelerator pedal is depressed.

The car in the configuration "Standard" has a power steering, EBD, ESP, ABS, electric window lifts, 6 airbags, air conditioning, Bluetooth and Citroen eTouch, which provides a range of services, including calling for help and communicating with the center Maintenance.

C-Zero embodies the creative approach of designers and manufacturability, which already today meet the needs of tomorrow.

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