Citroen c-elysee

The budget C-Elysee sedan is built on the recycled PF1 platform, which it shares with the 208 and C3.

Citroën C-Elysée 2019 MODERNO, ESPACIOSO, ROBUSTO Colombia Youtucars.

The car looks interesting and modern. A wide chrome grille, smoothly flowing into the Citroen nameplate, along with a little broken headlights give the car elegance. The ribbed hood dilutes the neat exterior, brings in a touch of boldness. The profile of the budget "Frenchman" is no less extravagant - the side acute-angled vyshtampovka bends over the front arches, continues throughout the entire length of the car and ends in the rear lights, literally sprawled on the wings of the car.

Citroen C-Elysee 2012 year

Optics flaunts not only complex designs, but also a couple of simple and effective solutions. For example, designers diluted the light from ordinary incandescent bulbs with cellular “diffusers”. The trunk lid also has several artistic delights - this is a sharp transition from the horizontal to the vertical plane, and the "rays" emanating from the Citroen logo, and another unusual vyshtampovka, slightly poking out, resembling a spoiler.

By the dimensions (4427х1748х1466 mm) and the length of the wheelbase (2652 mm), the Citroen C-Elysee is the leader in its class. Clearance is 142 mm. And it is on the model with a three-cylinder gasoline engine. But version 1.6 + automatic transmission has a clearance of just 138 mm. Space and practicality - the main trumps of this model. Particularly proud of the creators of the model is a roomy interior. So, according to the company, the space between the front and rear rows of C-Elysee seats is 5-7 cm wider than its closest competitors, the Volkswagen Polo Sedan and Hyundai Solaris. Indeed, the impressive size allows you to comfortably fit in the back seat of a person, even with a height of two meters. With that, the tall companions still have a solid reserve above their heads and in front of their knees (the legroom is 120 mm).

The interior of the cabin is the most budget. On full-fledged headrests back sofa saved, there are no rear armrest and pockets in the rear doors.

Citroën C-Elysée 1.6 - Test - Matías Antico - TN Autos

The buttons of the rear power windows are between the front seats and you have to reach for them, and on the doors there is bare plastic punching with a small “island” of fabric on the tide of the door handle.

The instrument panel consists of analog devices with dual speedometer and tachometer arrows. Between them fit monochrome display with basic information about the car. The center console consists of multi-button audio control with a multifunctional screen. On the sides of the display there are buttons for turning on the emergency gang and door locks, there are three “washers” with chrome edging at the bottom, two of which are responsible for setting the air conditioner (air flow direction, air temperature, flow rate), and the third schematically informs about the actions performed. Steering wheel racing cut down. In the maximum configuration below the steering wheel even under the metal. Only the steering wheel is adjustable only in height.

Citroen c-elysee
The trunk volume is 506 liters.

The top version of Exclusive has 4 airbags, air conditioning, CD / MP3 player, servo drives of windows and mirrors, rear parking sensors, ESP and ABS stabilization system with force distribution. Wheels are available in two sizes (185/65 R15 and 195/55 R16) and with different disc designs. In the long list of options - chrome lining on the body, removable hitch, luggage rails and boxes for things.

There are three engines: petrol of 1.2 liters (72 hp) and 1.6 liters (115 hp), as well as a 1.6-liter diesel engine (92 hp). Petrol engines are offered in versions "Euro 3", 4 or 5 (diesel - only "Euro 4" or 5). By the way, the HDi diesel engine will not be represented on the Russian market.

In addition to China, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, this model is sold in the Middle East, in some countries of Central Europe and Latin America. Therefore, the C-Elysee was developed immediately with an eye for different countries, climates and operating conditions. Under the bad and dirty roads - reinforced suspension, bottom protection and double door seals. Under the cold - heated windshield (in the "wipers") and rear windows plus a notch in the rear bumper to pry the frozen trunk lid, for hot countries - air conditioning with express cooling, under bad gasoline - retuned engines. In addition, much work has been done to combat dust that can penetrate the cabin. And when assembling the machine, many elements were decided not to be fixed with the usual snaps, but “put on the thread” - they say, it is more reliable.

Going car in the Spanish factory of the company.

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