Citroen berlingo

Nuova Citroën Berlingo, altro che furgone!

Verlingo debuted in 1996, he gained great fame in many countries and in 1997 was recognized as the best wagon in Europe. Verlingo is the result of the fruitful collaboration of Citroen and Peugeot. Verlingo is a universal vehicle that is equally well suited for leisure as well as for work.

Citroen Berlingo 1997

The model has two body types: with a wide rear hinged door and with hinged doors. The dimensions of the car (length 4.11 m, width 1.72 m) have a positive effect on maneuverability, which is especially important within the city limits. With the rear seats folded down, the usable volume of the luggage compartment is 3 m³.

Depending on the purpose of use, Verlingo is equipped with the appropriate engines. There are two carburetor (with a capacity of 1.1 and 1.8 liters) and diesel (1.8 and 2.0) engines with a capacity of 60 and 75 hp.

Comfort and stability on the road provide front and rear independent suspension with two anti-roll bars. The car has powerful and at the same time soft brakes, which, if desired, the client can be equipped with ABS.

High landing provides excellent visibility from the driver's seat. The cabin provides a large number of different capacities that can be found in the car everywhere, even in such unexpected places as the ceiling.

In the standard of all versions - heated door mirrors, washer and headlight adjustment, power steering, adjustable steering wheel height, heated front seats, immobilizer, air conditioning, driver airbag, etc.

The on-board computer receives all the necessary information: a warning about the exaggeration of speed, the amount of mileage remaining until the moment of passing the next maintenance, automatic activation of the rear window wiper during reversing (if the front wipers are working), etc.

The model was updated in 2004. Citroen experts faced a difficult task - to improve the car, which in seven years of production has not lost its relevance. Therefore, a constructively updated Citroen Berlingo remained virtually the same. He did not get all-wheel drive and new-fashioned off-road modifications. The range of power units also remained the same: petrol 1.4 l / 75 hp and 1.6 l / 110 hp engines and two turbo diesel volume of 1.8 and 2.0 liters. There is also a modification with a 1.1 liter engine, but it was not supplied to Russia.

Citroen Berlingo 2004

In the exterior of the restyled Berlingo, the main emphasis is placed on a radical renewal of the front end: in particular, headlights, fenders, bumpers and radiator covers have acquired a completely new form. In addition, the hood line was raised. The car has become more proportional, and the driver, seeing the edges of the hood, feels better dimensions. Like the previous generation, the new Berlingo boasts a huge trunk. The volume of which is 2.8 m³ for the passenger version and 3 m³ for the van. It is important that the "reserve" is not in the trunk, but under the floor outside, which eliminates the need for unloading operations when replacing the wheel. In addition, there is a mass of all sorts of pleasant trifles; Some of them come as standard, others - such as, for example, a mesh curtain, which can be used to isolate the trunk from the cabin - are offered as options.

In the cabin there have been cardinal changes. There was a new instrument panel with air deflectors from Citroen C3 and a knob of gearshift lever from the same model. The panel is very simple and traditional in design, but everything is very convenient and practical. A new four-spoke steering wheel was installed, and the upper part of the panel was supplemented with a shelf in front of which an electronic clock was placed. Everything else remains familiar. As before, the Berlingo is offered in two versions: either a van or a passenger version of the combi. The number of doors varies: the base van has two doors, and the more expensive versions have three or five. The sliding door is installed on the starboard side, if desired, for an additional fee, you can install the same door on the left. The basic version has a double trunk door, swinging open to the side, and for an extra charge you can get a solid rear door that opens upwards. Because of the doors in the model with a body van there are some problems with visibility. Since the rear doors are hinged, they close the view: the vertical rack of the rear doors "divides" the field of view in the internal mirror exactly in half. Plus three rear seat headrests. Partly, the position is saved by side mirrors: they are of decent size and give a good “picture”.

There are many containers in the cabin: large pockets in the doors, numerous grooves and shelves (including on the ceiling), “hiding places” under the feet of passengers sitting in the back, glass holders, a spacious retractable drawer under the right front seat, etc.

Citroen Berlingo 2008

In constructive terms, the Berlingo resembles a passenger car: independent front suspension, semi-dependent rear torsion, front-wheel drive, etc.

The debut of the second generation Citroen Berlingo took place in spring 2008 in Bermingham. But the successful Berlingo of the first generation did not begin to be discontinued, but continued to be produced at the same factory where the production of the second generation developed, but under the name of Berlingo First. The car became not only prettier, but also larger: in comparison with the previous generation, the body gained 85 mm in width and 240 mm in length (the base increased by 30 mm). The passenger version also increased by 50 mm in height.

A body that still combines a roomy box-like rear with an aerodynamic front. To protect the body, the Berlingo is equipped with bulky bumpers, wide side moldings and bottom protection. Sliding rear doors provide a comfortable embarkation and disembarkation of passengers in all conditions.

Among the distinctive features - a large glass surface, Modutop roof (optional), providing excellent interior lighting and a sense of open space. The rear tailgate with opening glass is highlighted. The cargo volume of the compact version of the Berlingo II van increased by 10% (up to 850 kg of payload and 1.8 m. Of useful length).

If earlier the van was built on the Xsara / Peugeot 306 platform with a rear independent torsion bar suspension, now the C4 Picasso / 307, whose chassis is simpler, is taken as a basis, and the usual N-shaped beam is at the back.

Interior design is different restraint. High-quality plastic, chrome-lined round deflectors and a shift lever on the front panel create a very favorable impression. In addition to everything, the passenger versions are pleased with the mass of various compartments, including the overhead console with a full-length cabin shelf - as in airplanes. The second row of seats in passenger versions is formed either by a sofa, folding in the proportion of 60:40, or by three removable seats with adjustable backrest.

Citroen Berlingo 2008

Berlingo II became heavier on average by 200 kg, so the version with the engine of 1.4 liters was removed from production. In Russia, the car is offered with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 90 hp. either 110 hp For Europe, 1.6 HDi diesel engines with power from 75 to 110 hp are also offered. Gearbox for all modifications five-speed manual.

The list of available equipment includes ESP, a slope assistance system, a steering wheel recorder, an on-board computer, a CD changer, a Bluetooth hands-free system, six airbags, an alarm system and an “off-road” package (enhanced suspension, enlarged ground clearance and engine protection).

Not least in the design of the Berlingo II is safety. Proof of this are the rather high rates of the crash tests conducted by EuroNCAP - four stars and 27 points scored.

In 2012, the second generation restyling was presented at the International Geneva Motor Show. The car is still produced in two body types: a van and a minivan. The length of the Citroen Berlingo in the back of a minivan is 4380 mm, width - 2112 mm, height - 1801 mm. The van is available in two versions: with a length of 4.38 meters (short version) and 4.6 meters (long version). The wheelbase of both versions, at the same time, is the same and is equal to 2.73 meters. A modification with a body length of 4.38 meters offers a cargo compartment of 3.3 cubic meters. m., and the 4.6-meter version has a cargo compartment of 3.7 cubic meters. m

Nothing drastically new in the exterior of the Berlingo after the restyling did not appear, but the designers managed to slightly refresh the look of the car by redesigning the grille, front bumper and side mirrors. In addition, under the headlamps now adorn the trendy LED strips, and fog lights got a metallized frame. And, of course, not without new options for body color.

Citroen berlingo

In the salon, the main priorities are still functionality and practicality, but for each level of picking in the company, the color palette and the upholstery and trim materials used were revised. No constructive changes have occurred.

During the restyling, the level of equipment of the model was significantly improved. The most expensive equipment includes front airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution, emergency braking assistance, and front electric windows. As an additional option, a multifunctional Modutop system is offered, including compartments for storing various trifles.

As powertrains for the updated 2012 Berlingo, European customers are offered gasoline engines with a capacity of 95 and 120 hp, as well as one of four diesel engines, the output of which varies from 75 to 115 forces. Moreover, the 90-horsepower engine is also offered with the micro-hybrid technology e-HDi, thanks to which French engineers managed to reduce fuel consumption and make the engine less harmful to the environment. In the Russian market, the car is available with 1.6-liter petrol engines of 90 and 120 hp, aggregated with 5-speed mechanics.

The car is produced in 4 kompletsiyah: Attraction, Confort and Exclusive. The XTR version is equipped with a 10 mm raised suspension, engine protection, as well as a special body configuration (steps under the doors, bumpers).

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