Chrysler stratus

The Chrysler Stratus (Dodge Stratus for the American market, the name Chrysler Stratus was used in Europe) is a mid-size 4-door sedan, which was first introduced by the American car company Chrysler in 1995. It was built on the basis of the platform Chrysler JA. The wheelbase of the car was 2,743 mm, length - 4,724 mm, width - 1,821 mm, and height - 1,377 mm. At that time, Chrysler had similar models in its model range, like the Chrysler Cirrus and Plymouth Breeze.

The first generation Chrysler Stratus introduced in 1995 had two configuration options: standard (since 2000 became known as "SE"), which was equipped with an inline 2-liter four-cylinder A588 I4 engine (as an option, the 2.4 L EDZ I4 power unit could be installed) ); equipment called “ES”, which was also completed with a 2-liter engine, but as an option it could be equipped with either a 2.4-liter EY7 I4 DOHC engine or a 2.5-liter Mitsubishi 6G73 V6 engine. Since 1998, the 2.4 liter DOHC engine has become standard for the ES version, and the V6 was also offered as an option. For the sedan also offered two options for the transmission: 5-speed manual gearbox and 4-speed automatic transmission.

In 2001, the second generation of the Stratus model was introduced. In the same year, the coupe was developed on the basis of the third generation Mitsubishi Eclipse platform, which was also decided to give the name Stratus. Note that the Chrysler JA platform has been renamed “JR”. The list of proposed engines for the new generation Chrysler Stratus sedan included: a four-cylinder EDZ I4 engine of 2.4 liters and a six-cylinder powerplant EER V6 of 2.7 liters. Also, two versions of the engines were proposed for cars in the 2-door coupe: the four-cylinder Mitsubishi 4G64 I4 2.4-liter engine and the six-cylinder 3-liter Mitsubishi 6G72 V6 engine. Mechanical 5-speed transmission was used in both sedan and coupe, but the 4-speed "automatic" they were different. For cars in the body of a sedan, an automatic box 41TE from the company Chrysler was used, as in the cars of the first generation, and for the version in the body of the coupe, the “automatic machine” F4A42 from the company Mitsubishi was offered. It should be noted that the wheelbase of the coupe was also different from the sedans (a consequence of using another platform) and was 2,634 mm.

In 2002, a special version of the Chrysler Stratus was introduced under the name R / T, which was equipped with a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine. Externally, these models could be easily distinguished by the nameplate labeled “Turbo” on the back of the car.

Production of the Chrysler Stratus coupe model was completed in 2005, and in 2006, the sedan version was also discontinued.

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