Chrysler sebring

Video Chrysler Sebring (Sedan), 2003, 2.0i, 16V (141 Hp), MT, Black, R-18.

Sebring appeared in the Chrysler lineup in 1995. In March 2000, at the Geneva Motor Show, a new generation debuted on the Chrysler JR platform. The car was named after one of the American avtosvyatyn - Sebring racetrack in Florida.

According to the American classification it belongs to mid-size cars, according to the European classification, due to dimensions (4844х1792х1394 mm, wheelbase - 2743 mm), the Sebring fall into class E.

Behind the wheel of this model, a person of any height and build will fit comfortably, and, importantly, it will not affect the comfort of the rear passengers. The driver's seat has an electric drive of all adjustments - except for the lumbar support. The range of adjustments is very large. On the seat, as a tribute to the sports name, there are vertical rollers for lateral support.

The dashboard is informative, but not overloaded, only the necessary dials and control lamps.

In 2004, the latest version of Sebring. However, it is not necessary to speak about radical novelty. Sebring is made in the same style as the 300M that appeared in 1998. This version differs from the previous one mainly in the bulkhead design. New lighting, massive front bumper, grille, and in the cabin has changed the architecture of the front panel, new seats. The car has become visually harder and more solid, but what is more important it has kept the family traits.

In the interior of the Chrysler Sebring, one feels the desire to imitate “Europeans” in everything. The lever "machine" and the handle "handbrake" - on the central tunnel. The ventilation control unit with three “grasping” rotating handles is located at the top of the center console, at the most convenient place. Beneath it is a radio with a CD player, even lower is a four-disc CD changer. Instead of a wide "sofa" - okay seat with numerous electric adjustments.

Dark interior looks respectable. And although not the most expensive materials are used, and the inserts “under the tree” are frankly plastic, everything here is pleasing to the eye and warms the soul.

Sebring perfectly holds the road and on the high-speed straight, and on dangerous sharp turns. Powerful brakes, an informative pedal with an ideal ratio of movement and effort and good ABS performance allow you to accurately predict the braking distance.

Terrible and dynamic appearance of Sebring is supported by an impressive line of power units. Under the hood is either a two-liter Quartet with a power of 140 hp or a V6 2.7 engine with a power of 203 hp. There are also cars with a “four” of 2.4 liters (152 d.s.), but they are not delivered to Russia.

Fans of the same fully be given to the process of driving a car will have to taste the system "Autostick", which allows you to change the transmission manually.

Russian buyers are offered cars in four basic configurations. The most affordable Sebring LE with a two-liter engine and manual transmission. The same Sebring, but with the "automatic", is more expensive. There is also a more prestigious performance of the Sebring with the index LX. The top version has a V-shaped “six” and a very rich equipped (ABS, traction control, power windows and mirrors, leather upholstery, radio with a CD changer). Supplied to Russia and the Sebring Cabrio with a fabric folding roof. True, only to order.

It is planned that in 2006, the current generation of Sebring in the United States will replace a completely new, built on the stretched Mitsubishi GS platform, which formed the basis of the Mitsubishi Lancer, Dodge Caliber and Mitsubishi Outlander, and will continue to be assembled at the Sterling Heights, Michigan plant . The car has cab-forward layout with a cabin offset to the front axle. Drive - front-wheel drive, independent suspension, front-double-lever, rear - multi-link.

From the first photos of the upcoming generation of Chrysler Sebring, we can assume that the car will be a bit like its older brother Chrysler 300C. This is evidenced by a new body design. About 300C remind massive pillars and chrome elements. Plus stands out a large form of the trunk. In this case, the latest generation of Sebring will get more rounded shapes and trim in a modern style. In the role of the main driving force, a new 4-cylinder engine is assumed - the same as on the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass, and an optional 6-cylinder V-unit will be available.

Sebring will also have a convertible version. According to preliminary information, the convertible will have a hard convertible top.

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