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2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

The debut of the serial model PT Cruiser was held in 1999 in Detroit. Chrysler managed to hook a nostalgic string into the soul of every simple American, embodying the image of a good old van from the late thirties - mid-forties of the last century in a modern car.

Style PT Cruiser - an explosive mix of retro and modern motifs. This is a new look at a compact car: a small one outside, but roomy inside, an unusually functional, but at the same time, stylish, unique. This relatively small, five-door passenger car with front-wheel drive was the result of a nearly 4-year project. Release PT Cruiser at a plant in Mexico in the city of Tuluk.

The falshradiator grille of this model has the shape of a heraldic shield, which is typical of cars of the 20-30s of the last century. That is, it is a false radiator grille made almost completely in one plane, the upper part of which is wider than the lower one.

PT Cruiser has two basic modifications: Touring and Limited.

In 2003, several new modifications for the PT Cruiser appeared. The main one is the Turbo with a 2.4-liter R4 with a turbocharger (218 hp, 332 N • m) and its exclusive version Tangerine Dream Cruiser Series 2, painted with a special enamel of tangerine-orange color. The PT Cruiser Chrome modification features a chrome-plated exterior finish, 17-inch wheels and an optional CPOS package. The Woodie version will delight in the finishing of the exterior body panels with a wood-like material.

Gamma of power units R4: new 1.6 l (115 hp - since 2002), as well as 2.0 l (141 hp, 188 N • m), aspirated 2.4 l (152 l. p., 220 N • m) and a common rail 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine produced by Mercedes-Benz, 121 hp

Over time, even the most keen eye is washed and once unusual forms begin to be perceived quite routinely. The retrocar needed an update. In 2005, the PT Cruiser experienced a restyling. Ahead, new headlights and foglights appeared, a new grille with the familiar “winged” Chrysler logo, and a rear spoiler on the rear door painted in body color.

The salon was also not paid attention - the PT Cruiser received large beautiful instruments, an analog clock with the Chrysler logo, a large glove compartment, a place to store things in the armrest, and the radio moved to a new place - higher than before.

A handle is made on the right of the dashboard to make it easier for the front passenger to get in and out of the car. Now you can choose new options for upholstery. The Boston Acoustics audio system with 6 speakers and a subwoofer and the ability to play mp3 disks was added to the list of options.

Short Takes: 2008 Chrysler PT Cruiser (Start Up, Engine, Full Tour)

The ultra-modern PT Cruiser hatchback is equipped with a new 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 143 hp.

This engine can be aggregated as a five-speed manual gearbox, as well as a four-speed "automatic". The maximum speed of the car with this engine, according to Chrysler, is 195 km / h with manual transmission and 171 km / h with automatic transmission. The average fuel consumption of PT Cruiser 2.4 is 9.7 liters and 10.5 liters per 100 kilometers, respectively, for the "mechanics" and "automatic".

With the advent of updated versions of the body with a hatchback and convertible Chrysler further strengthens its position. These new versions feature a new exterior design and a completely new interior design. They bring a sporty spirit and excitement to Chrysler’s corporate identity.

Outwardly, both the new 2006 model year's cars - the PT Cruiser hatchback and convertible - have become more pleasing to the eye thanks to the harmonious combination of the rounded lines of the front and rear bumpers with the characteristic outlines of the grille with chrome elements and the winged Chrysler emblem. The charm of the exterior perfectly complement the taillights, the bottom edge of which received a jagged edging, and round fog lights, bringing a fresh stream into the look of the whole car. At the rear of the hatchback roof, a separate spoiler is painted in body color. It reduces drag and improves the aerodynamic performance of the car.

The level of configuration Touring includes: bucket sports seats with new fabric upholstery, made in the style of Bauhaus, the driver's seat with electric adjustment according to six parameters, the audio system with AM / FM radio and CD player, connector for connecting an MP3 player, chrome grille inserts , a center console with a sliding armrest and storage compartment, as well as an analog clock mounted on the control panel in the upper part of the center console.

The Limited version of the car is equipped with all the standard Touring equipment listed above and additionally the following items: sports seats with leather upholstery and heating function (the driver's seat is also equipped with adjustable lumbar support), chrome-plated 16-inch aluminum wheels, chrome exhaust pipe attachment and holders with bright headbands, as well as anti-lock braking system with disc brakes on all four wheels and anti-skid system, when driving at low speeds.

The client will also be able to purchase an additional package of Chrome Accents and the audio system of the Boston Acoustics

PT Cruiser has become one of the real best-selling Chrysler brands. The car is in huge demand in North America: 144,717 PT Cruiser was sold in the USA in 2001, and in the first 6 months of 2002 - 75,660 (+ 5%).

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