Chrysler intrepid

WARNING !! BEFORE YOU BUY: Dodge Charger, Intrepid, Avenger, Stratus, Chrysler 300, Concorde, Sebring

Full-size front-drive Intrepid sedan was produced since 1992 at the Chrysler plant in Brampton (Canada). In the local market, the model was sold under the Chrysler Intrepid brand, in others (in the USA and Mexico) it is widely known as the Dodge Intrepid. The differences are only in the brand and place of official sale of the car. In addition, Chrysler has European headlights, the main instrument panel markings and odometer readings in kilometers, and in Dodge - in miles. Neither model was officially exported to Europe and Russia. For operation in Russia, Chrysler Intrepid is preferable in terms of ease of reading instrument readings and the possible presence of a winter package.

The first generation Intrepid assembled on the LH1 platform, on which the Chrysler Concorde and Chrysler LHS also existed, and was equipped with V6 longitudinal gasoline injectors: 3.3-liter 12-valve (163 hp, 245 N m) and 3.5 -liter 24-valve (218 hp, 300 N m). In 1998, Intrepid I was discontinued.

Intrepid second generation Chrysler produced from 1998 to 2003. At the heart of the car platform LH2. On this body platform, 3 more cars of the concern have been built, which are essentially twins and differ only in the appearance of the front and rear, as well as in some elements of the cabin. This is the Chrysler Concord, Chrysler 300M, Chrysler LHS.

The second generation Intrepid was produced in three configurations: SE with a 2.7 liter base engine, power steering, ABS, 2PB, electric windows, electric mirrors, power supply system, radio tape recorder, 16 inch steel discs and air conditioning; SXT with a 3.2 L or 3.5 L engine, fog lamps and alloy wheels; ES grade implied additional leather interior, on-board computer and climate control. For any configuration offered additional options: winter package (heated seats, mirrors, rear window), powered, CD player, etc.

The car has solid dimensions: 5174/1897/1420 mm with a base of 2870 mm and a track of 1585/1575 mm. The windshield, inclined at a large angle and slightly shifted forward cab of the car give the car an impressive view. The salon is huge, five people of basketball growth will freely accommodate in it. The driver is 180 cm tall, with the seat pushed back all the way down, with his feet up to the pedals. The chair itself is electrically adjustable on some versions. The steering wheel is adjustable only in height - on all versions. Landing convenient and comfortable. There are two types of cabin equipment. The first, when the gearshift lever is on the central tunnel, and the second - the automatic transmission lever is designed as a poker under the steering column, and between the front seats is a soft armrest-glove compartment. The second version allows you to turn the front seat into a comfortable sofa. In the SE, there are no headrests in the back seat and it does not fold in parts, but it is very comfortable to sit and sleep on it. The trunk is large, its volume is 521 liters.

The Intrepid II was equipped with 6-cylinder 24-valve longitudinal gasoline engines: aluminum 2.7 liters (203 hp, 257 N m), as well as 3.2 liters (228 hp, 307 N m) and 3.5-liter (237 hp, 327 N m) with a cast-iron block. The 3.5-liter engine for the sports version of the R / T was further boosted to 247 hp. and 339 Nm. Transmission for all versions is only 4-speed automatic.

The power of the 2.7-liter engine for this machine weighing more than 1600 kg is quite enough. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes 10.5, the maximum speed of 200 km / h, the consumption of 92nd gasoline 12.4 liters in the urban cycle and 8.4 liters on the highway. The two other engines have better dynamics: from 8.5 to 9.5 with up to 100 km / h, maximum speed 210-215 km / h, and consumption of 13.1 / 9.1 l per hundred. Hydromechanical automatic transmission without the possibility of manual gear changes responds to the depressed gas pedal with some delay. The sports equipment R / T (produced in 2000-2003) was equipped with a 4-speed automatic with the AutoStick function.

Suspension of the car both in front and behind MacPherson strut with springs; soft, but not rolls, has a leisurely ride. On the track Intrepid comfortably holds 160 km / h. The brakes are fully disc, ventilated front. In addition to the ABS model is completed dorotmazhivatel Brake Assist. Ground clearance is decent 160 mm, which is not bad on a rough road, given the impressive base of the car.

Intrepid was widely used in the Canadian police and other special services, which indicates sufficient reliability of the machine in conditions of tough use. But this is more of a representative or family car for a comfortable movement from point A to point B.

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