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Should There Be A Car Still Hate The Chrysler Crossfire?

Concept Crossfire presented at the Detroit auto show in 2001. He made such a strong impression that the management of the concern immediately announced the decision to start the car in the series as soon as possible. It took two years to fill the form with decent content, to prepare technologically and to decide on the release of the machine at the plant of the German company Karmann. During this time, the automotive world has seen a lot of new things, but Crossfire, we must give it its due, did not lose its original attractiveness.

The world premiere of the Chrysler Crossfire serial compact sport coupe took place in August 2003.

Chrysler Crossfire is a beautiful and fast car. The model is not only stylistically flawless, but it has been thoroughly worked out technically. The dynamic look of the talented designers of the American company and the ability to make rapid throws from German engineers - this is the full product of DaimlerChrysler.

The name of the car received a symbolic. The resounding word "Crossfire", translated as "Crossfire", has a certain meaning: the coupe is aimed at markets on both sides of the ocean, at their segment in which the combined concern has practically not been represented, and which it will have to conquer, having pressed strong competitors .

Aggressive nose, concealing remarkable strength under the hood, at the same time massive and elegant. Fodder is generally a work of art: wide rear wings, two chrome-plated tailpipes of the exhaust system, placed in the center of the bumper, lights - everything is extremely harmonious. Even wheels of various dimensions and diameters (225/40 ZR 18 in front and 255/35 ZR 19 in the back) are quite logical here.

Wide wheel arches, tires and wings give the car a fast-paced look. Despite the low landing and high thresholds, it’s quite comfortable to sit in the Crossfire. As expected, the driver sits almost on the floor with legs stretched forward. Before the eyes of a narrow windshield and overhanging roof. A long relief hood is visible ahead; only a small section of the road is behind. At the same time, visibility can be called satisfactory for a sports coupe. Immediately behind the seat backs begins the trunk, separated from the cabin by a high partition.

The exterior design of the Crossfire is performed in a progressive neoretro style. The sophistication of the style is felt literally in every corner of the superbly equipped interior - from the silver trim of the front console, switches and other components of the control system to the first-class leather seats. Sports seats tightly hold the rider and have the right profile. The steering wheel is adjustable only on the flight, but does not overlap the instruments. It is not very convenient to read the fine digitization of the speedometer, which is also marked both in miles and in kilometers. All the more strange for a European car is that it is the kilometer scale that is smaller. The devices are placed in the holes edged with aluminum inserts. In the tradition of Chrysler chrome panels on the center console are abundantly used. Fitting parts, ergonomics of the driver's seat, the location of controls - all this, like the prestigious European models. Crossfire is 60% new, everything else is borrowed from Mercedes-Benz models.

The interior feels the influence of the European design school: the seats, separated by an elegant armrest, which passes into the center console, have pronounced lateral support and are trimmed with expensive leather. There is only one cup holder in the central tunnel, and only a passenger can use it. For road trivia there are pockets in the doors, glove box and trunk. However, the latter is not important for a sports car. The main thing is that there is a trunk and a big sports bag will fit there (the trunk volume is 215 liters). The glove box, “glove box” in front of the passenger is also impressive: pulling the handle, you do not just open the lid, and lower the box with a volume of 4.8 liters.

Crossfire is primarily a car for the driver. Therefore, only his seat is equipped with electric adjustments in eight directions, including the angle of the pillow, while the companion can only adjust the backrest tilt and move back and forth. The landing itself, as it should be in such cars, is very low, the window line passes above shoulder level.

Review: 2005 Chrysler Crossfire

The Infinity Modulus audio system with a 240-watt six-channel amplifier, four speakers in the doors and two speakers behind the seats deserves separate words. It sounds so that even at high speed all the nuances of your favorite composition are distinguishable.

The gearshift lever, automatic or mechanical, is made of the same material as the door handles, the inserts on the steering wheel and the pedals are made of metal. In general, the interior of the Crossfire is distinguished by well-thought-out ergonomics; the interior is comfortable and sporty in style. Of course, the journalistic fraternity immediately began to notice the elements familiar to Mercedes (paddle switches, ignition lock), but this is more of a model’s worth than a disadvantage.

The engine is offered only one - a 3.2-liter 6-cylinder 18-valve engine producing 215 hp. The choice is an automatic five-speed transmission with electronic control and the ability to manually switch or six-speed "mechanics". Crossfire accelerates to 100 km / h in 7 seconds. With the “mechanics” and even faster - only 6.5 seconds.

The lever of the five-speed “automatic machine” moves along a winding slot and has two additional modes - sport and winter. To switch gears yourself, the lever must be swung left and right. But the manual mode is pure fiction. "Automatic" switches up when the maximum speed is reached and down if the speed drops to a minimum.

The front two-link suspension is completely borrowed from the SLK, the rear multi-link - from the “old” E-class (W210) provide the Crossfire with extraordinary handling and maneuverability. The power circuit is classic: engine in front, rear-wheel drive. Even the length of the wheelbase is identical to that of the SLK.

The rear spoiler extends when it reaches a speed of 92 km / h, helping the ESP and Traction Control system to ensure the directional stability of the car in tight corners. In Crossfire, which is important, almost perfect weight distribution along the axes - 54% fall on the front and 46% on the back.

Crossfire car body structure is designed with the expectation of maximum safety for the driver and passengers in all situations.

At the North American Auto Show in 2004, Chrysler unveiled a roadster based on the Crossfire production model. The roadster differs from the already produced coupe, practically, only by the presence of an automatically retractable top. By the way, the car received a classic soft folding roof, not a new-fashioned hard one. The mechanism of the folding roof was developed by the famous Karmann atelier, specializing in cabriolets and roadsters. The motorized roof can fold in just 22 seconds.

In technical terms, the new roadster almost completely repeats the closed version, and be equipped with the same six-cylinder 3.2-liter engine. Some changes have undergone only the power structure of the body, in order to compensate for the lack of a rigid roof. Little has changed and trim, especially in the rear.

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