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2019 Chevrolet Suburban: Review

For the first time big cars by the name of Chevrolet Suburban Carryall appeared in 1935. Then it was a rear-wheel drive car with an all-metal body, made on the basis of the truck and can accommodate up to eight passengers. Moreover, the "Chevrolet" did Suburban Carryall in the passenger version, and in the cargo, with removable rear seats.

Chevrolet Suburban cars began to resemble (and even then remotely) only in 1955 - then the famous Harley Earl was involved in the design of this car. Gradually, Chevrolet Suburban accumulated all sorts of technical innovations, and its equipment became richer. So, in 1960, he received a front independent suspension, and since 1965, buyers could optionally order air conditioning, which was then considered a great luxury. In 1973, the model was equipped with disc brakes.

In 1992, a new generation of Suburban. This car was an elongated version of the Blazer C / K series model (later these cars were renamed Tahoe). The length of Suburban is impressive - from the bow to the stern is 5575 mm. The people called this model "Texas Lemuzin." Allowed weight (the coolest version) may exceed 3500 kg. This full-size SUV for universal use, with unsurpassed carrying capacity and towing capabilities, accommodates up to 9 adults of normal build. The huge salon is trimmed very richly, it has everything you could wish for. Chevrolet Suburban moves smoothly, confidently overcoming any irregularities. The body is very strong (all body parts, with the exception of the roof, are double galvanized). By the way, at the heart of this SUV is a powerful frame.

The first two years of production Chevrolet Suburban was equipped with all-wheel drive system, where the front axle was connected using a special lever on the floor. Not very convenient, but there are no complaints about the reliability of such a scheme. After 1993, the cars began to install buttons, when clicked, the front axle or downshift comes into play.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, V8 gasoline engines were installed on the 1992-1999 giant Chevrolet Suburban. But sometimes you can find cars with diesel. And two modifications. Until 1995, it was a Caterpillar engine with a volume of 6.2 liters and 130 hp, and in 1995, a turbocharged unit with a volume of 6.5 liters and 182 hp, developed by General Motors engineers, appeared.

Gasoline engines were also offered in two types. The most common V8 engine volume of 5.7 liters. The Chevrolet Suburban, made in the first half of the 90s, this power unit with central injection gives 210 "horses." But since 1996, an engine with a modern multi-point injection appeared, thanks to which the power immediately increased to 254 hp. Well, besides, under the hood of the Chevrolet Suburban they also installed an engine of 7.4 liters with a capacity of 290 hp. and a torque of 556 Nm! It allows a heavy car to rapidly pick up speed and at the same time is able to devour up to thirty liters of fuel per hundred kilometers.

At the end of 1999, a fundamentally new Chevrolet Suburban was shown. First of all, the dimensions have changed: length - 5570 mm, width - 2001 mm (+53 mm), height -1870 mm (+90 mm). The wheelbase was reduced from the previous 3340 mm to 3302 mm. Thanks to a wider and higher body, it was possible to increase the stock of space in the shoulders and over the heads of the passengers. The spare wheel migrated from the trunk under the bottom, and the volume of the luggage compartment with three rows of seats was 1.2 m³.

The updated Chevrolet Suburban was offered in a richer version - with a sliding sunroof, side curtain airbags, a powerful audio system and other equipment.

In the basic version, the Suburban three-row salons are trimmed with fabric of two colors, and the steering wheel is leather. By the way, eight control buttons for various functions are built into it - from the audio system settings to the choice of suspension parameters. Expensive performance Suburban LT includes leather interior, up to 10 adjustments of the driver's seat with a memory of two adjusting positions, including side mirrors and the height of the now adjustable pedals.

The manufacturer has retained a powerful frame chassis, which has become more torsionally rigid. Suburban Series 1500 (3.27 tons) found a new rear suspension (one-piece axle beam on four trailing arms and springs), which made it possible to improve smoothness and handling. On the heavy Suburban 2500 series (3.9 tons), the rear suspension was retained on longitudinal springs. The front suspension is an independent torsion bar (except for the rear-wheel drive Suburban 2500 series with a spring-mounted front suspension).

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On all-wheel drive cars, an up-to-date AutoTrac transmission with electronic control was installed, which allows 5 wheel drive options: “neutral”, rear wheels only, AWD mode with redistribution of torque along axes depending on wheel slip, 4WD-parttime mode with locking center differential and 4WD- LO (same, but with a reduction gear in the transfer case).

In the suburban chassis, StabiliTrak has been applied, actively acting on brakes (ABS systems and redistributing braking forces), transmission (traction control) and steering (stability control), which significantly increases driving safety under any conditions and reduces the risk of skidding and turning over.

Under the hood of this car, they installed V8 engines with a volume of 5.3 liters and 6.0 liters (299 hp and 330 hp, respectively), but also a truly gigantic power unit with a volume of 8.1 liters, issuing 325 hp. or 345 hp depending on the setting. By the way, the 8.1-liter engine is one of the most voluminous in the modern passenger car industry.

To improve the ride quality, the following systems are offered: EETA (control of drive wheels with a limited friction differential), Autoride (installation of rear shock absorbers of variable stiffness) and DRL (electronic redistribution of braking forces on the rear wheels, taking into account their load). Disc brakes on all wheels with ABS - standard equipment of all models. An informational diagnostic system is provided on the instrument panel that controls 19 engine parameters, safety systems, body and chassis.

It is noteworthy that Suburban can take in tow trailers with a total weight of up to 4.6 tons (it’s not for nothing that enlarged rear-view mirrors are added to the outboard options so that you can view the road with a wide trailer on a hook).

In the 2003 model year, Suburban received the following set of accessories: multiplex electrical wiring, air conditioning with separate zone control, now for the driver, and for the passenger sitting next to, as well as numerous information and multimedia devices, custom-made high-quality Bose audio system and a DVD gaming center. The Quadrasteer system, optionally installed on version 2500, is intended only for these full-size models. It controls the turning of all four wheels, which reduces the outer turning diameter by 21% (from 20.2 to 16 m on version 2WD and from 20.1 to 15.9 m on version 4WD). Accordingly, the wheels of the front and rear axles rotate in different directions, i.e. the system is activated only at low speeds and when parking.

The equipment of expensive versions since 2005 includes a new DVD navigation system with a touchscreen display, Stabilitrak, an entertainment system for rear passengers (DVD + game console + TV) and XM Satellite satellite radio. The Quadrasteer rear axle steering system, developed by Delhpi, turned out to be too expensive, and GM removed it from the list of options during 2005.

In 2006, the premiere of a new generation of Suburban, based on the same GMT900 platform, took place. Externally, it differs from the predecessor model with the new design of the front end with the original grille and the new headlights. Subject to change and the interior of the car. Although the manufacturer has focused on increasing power and reducing fuel consumption, it’s true that a huge 5.3 and 6.0-liter engines produce 320 hp. and 355 hp hardly limited to small. The new generation is stylistically the successor to the previous one and does not carry any fundamental innovative solutions in the design or design.

By tradition, the new Suburban are offered both with all-wheel drive and with a drive for only one axis.

At the moment, Suburban is preparing for serial production in the Z71 configuration. In addition to external changes, with the installation of this package of options, the car is subjected to serious mechanical refinement: a rear self-locking differential, an off-road suspension with gas shock absorbers, an eighteen-inch off-road tires, tow hooks and much more. It is expected that the car will be supplied with a 6.2-liter engine, but the likelihood remains that a six-liter power unit will be used.

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