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2006 Chevrolet SSR (395 hp LS2 V8): Start Up, Test Drive In Depth Review

The original retro-styled sport-styled SSR was first introduced in Detroit in 2000 and met with such sympathetic feedback from the public that it was already decided to launch the model into mass production, which was launched at the plant in Lansing, Michigan in the fall of 2003. .

Chevrolet SSR was built on the basis of cargo Chevrolet, produced in the 50s of the last century. It is based on the platform of the Chevroelt TrialBlazer SUV. On the Chevrolet SSR registration certificate, the vehicle type is listed as cargo-side. And there is some truth in this. The car really has a body and by all indications can formally be considered a pick-up. But it is unlikely that anyone will carry cargo on it - uncomfortable and expensive. For utilitarian purposes, it is better to find another truck that is not equipped with a folding electric roof, a sports suspension, low-profile wheels and a forced V8.

Although, in general, not quite a pickup. The truck body of the car does not hit at all with its capacity (only 671 liters of usable volume). Yes, and access to the luggage compartment is somewhat difficult. In the depths of the "glove compartment" is a special button. When pressed, the hard lid covering the trunk “snaps” up, opening a narrow slot into which you have to insert your hand in order to find the inner retainer of the tailgate. Fold back the board and lift the lid to the top position. Inside, the trunk (or body) is trimmed with a beautiful black carpet with mahogany inserts. Closed the trunk is also not the most obvious way. First you need to lower the top cover and only then slam the tailgate. On the contrary it is impossible - it will not close.

The SSR is an incredible hybrid sports car and truck. A sloping hood, noticeably tapering to the nose of the car, protruding front and rear fenders, wide horizontal slots of the radiator grille with frosted aluminum overlays and a rounded cockpit cap are all integral features of the Chevrolet SSR.

The design features of this model are a semi-mounted body with a light heavy-duty frame made by hydroforming and a hard folding roof made of aluminum alloy. It is equipped with an electric drive, in less than 25 seconds turning a pickup into an open roadster. Chevrolet SSR - the world's only pickup-cabriolet!

Supercharged 2003 Chevy SSR

In the cockpit, luxurious leather seats with protective arcs integrated into the headrests, a spectacular dashboard, glowing by moonlight, and a shiny aluminum insert across the entire cabin. The control unit of the stove, fan and air conditioning is quite traditional - in the form of three vernier.

Under the hood, first installed a 5.3-liter engine producing 294 hp. (from the Tahoe SUV), since 2005 a 6-liter V8 engine with a capacity of 390 hp has been added to it. and a torque of 549 Nm. The most powerful unit allows the SSR to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in just 5.3 seconds. The engine is paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox. The automatic gearbox from the past generation Corvette supercar is also offered.

Such power must be properly used, otherwise it will be dangerous. So it’s not by chance that the sport-picks' designers used the suspension from the Chevrolet Camaro coupe. SSR stability on the road is very good. Accurate and collected reactions to steering. The suspension is tough enough, and not at the expense of comfort.

In 2006, the leadership of the concern General Motors decided to cease production of the retro-pickup Chevrolet SSR. The reason for such an unexpected decision is trivial: the car is sold rather sluggishly because of its ambiguous design. In 2005, Chevrolet dealers managed to sell 8107 copies of this model, which is 16% lower than the 2004 figures. In just three years, 25 thousand Chevrolet SSRs were produced, which GM clearly does not like.

Finally, the plant where the Chevrolet SSR is produced falls under the production restructuring program, under which GM will close eight of its facilities, including this.

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